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Real Estate Investors

Updated on November 12, 2012

As a real estate investor, I am always searching for new and innovative ways to locate the next best deal.  You need to understand how important it is to me to find another great deal so that I can support my family.

If you are an outgoing excitable person with a knowledge of real estate and a desire to buy and sell for profit, then you need to continue reading this.  If you are not motivated by a potential profit in real estate please don't waste your time reading anymore.

I am very curious

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The way you choose to get into or continue any real estate investing business is ultimately up to you but if you are not willing to do the research of many different investment techniques, you may have missed out on a big piece of the real estate cash market. 

There is nothing necessarily wrong with what is being taught presently in attracting motivated sellers and selling your real estate deals through the various real estate marketing systems.

99% of the problem is that advice is not specific enough and doesn't deliver on creating systems that any person can take, put into action so that the investor can focus on the most important part of business, talking to sellers and closing the deal.

Personally, I was very impressed with a great system that taught how to work in very specifically target market groups. I have a very good friend who is now in semi retirement and he focused on two different niche markets of the real estate near him. Yes he would consider listing anyones home, but more often than not, he would direct sellers to another marketer in the office. Because he was so focused on his main markets, over the years, people began to talk of him by name to others that were in that market. I was impressed with how he would respond to his clients, he took so much time with each listing he was going to show so that he knew the property inside and out. This way, he would find out what the buy was most intrested in during the showings and focus on showing all the important information.

I have found that just reading information or taking courses to upgrade your knowledge is just not enough. You can have all the knowledge in the world, but if you have no real system to apply your knowledge, you'll never get anywere.

I was working very hard looking for every new seller, and running all over the place to find buyers until I learned some very great techniques on having them come to me. Thats right, come to me. My phone rings at all hours, and if you don't really want to have clients calling you or be prepared to actually perform your business operations that cause you to be successfull then I truely suggest that you choose another career.

An experienced real estate investor doesn't need to be convinced of the value of adding additional angles and marketing strategies to their present marketing systems that are already working. Everybody deserves an edge and operating with a slight edge will always insure that you stay ahead of the competition.

And now that I have given you all of that information, I'll tell you that after the past 11 years in the real estate investing business, I found a great system that not only helped me to focus on my business, but actuall gave me more time with my family because it is so focused. I got it all set up, and once I understood how it all operated, I was on my way.

Hey, I'm not hear to tell you to buy something. In fact, if you live near me, then I don't want you doing what I do. But as a respectable and responsible person, I decided to tell anyone how to get into a great system.

I do hope you have as much success with the great investors system as I have had should you see the benefit in owning it. If not, well that's fine too.

This is the first investment property I ever bought.  And I still own it.
This is the first investment property I ever bought. And I still own it.

As a side note, here is a photo of the very first real estate investment I ever made. Yea it's a little plain, in fact, its basically a one level 2 bedroom. Renovated by someone that in a divorce settlement sold this property for a song. I happen to see them placing the sign at the road and stopped in. I heard the price they were asking and told them my offer without even stepping inside the property. The man agreed and I asked the realtor if I could do the honors and place the SOLD sign on the sign he had just placed in the ground. You may say, what a waste of money, but I bought this two bedroom for 12 thousand dollars. I rented it out to the previous owner for 4 years after his divorce for $400 per month. In fact, I still own it and I will likely never let it go. Easy maintenance and easy money. I added blown in insulation and the siding over one summer myself.  This has been a very great investment for my first 12 grand.   It is now valued at over 60k and I have a great long term tennant.  This was my equity value I used in my future investments.   Enough of that have a great day and "get it sold".



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    • esantiago340 profile image


      8 years ago from INDIANAPOLIS

      wow that property looks like one of mine anyway great info

      Elia Santiago

      We Buy Homes Indianapolis

      Turn Key Homes LLC


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