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Real Money Making/Management/Tips Guide 2014

Updated on December 18, 2014

Dont Throw Them Away!

How To Make A Few Quid

.Rent your spare room

.Rent your car

.Sell old gold

.Online Surveys

.Become A Rapper/MC And Sell Your Music On I Tunes (Click the link you will be directed to a twitter account of a Rapper/Mc he is a close friend and will gladly give you advice if you follow him)

.Mobile Phone Recycling

.Start A Website For Affiliated Marketing

. Sell Old Games And Cd's On E bay/Amazon/Craigs List

.Sell Your Knowledge

.Sell Photographs

.Pet Babysitter

.Pet Grooming

.Buy And Sell At Car-boots

.Sell Old Cloths

.Do Medical Experiments For Money

.Sell Your Sperm

.Network Marketing

.Rent Your Stuff

.Rent Out Parking Space

.Model Yourself Or Your Kids


.Recycle Websites Then Sell For Cash

.Recycle Your Old Mobiles

.Make Blogs

.Become A Extra

.Part Time Work

.Paper Round

.Charge For Errands


.Iron, Dry, Repair Other Peoples Cloths For Cash

.Repair Laptops (learn from youtube vids)

.Buy/Sell/Repair Xbox's, PlayStations, Dvd Players

.Clean For Cash

.Sell Your Hair


.House sit

.Grow Vegetables/Fruit And Sell For Cash

Do Your Research !! Look On Google , Put ADS In Your Local Paper, Gum-tree And Many More As I Will Explain.

12 Possible Cheap Start Up Busniess

12 Possible Cheap Business Start Up Ides In-case You Fancy Building Your Own Future

.Start A Nursery

.Become A Driving Instructor

.Start A Bed And Breakfast Business

.Become A Personal Shopper

.Start Window-Cleaning Business

.Start A Gardening Business

.Start a Cleaning Service

.Start A Washing/Ironing Service

.Become A Taxi Driver

.Become A Photographer

.Become A Adult Star

.Become A Body Guard

.Babysitting Business

Learn How To Manage Your Money

Whats the point in making money if you have no idea how to manage it ? i have put a great worksheet below for you to take a look, it will assist in organizing you better with outgoings to make sure you have more coming in then going out ! if you do find yourself having more outgoings then in then its time to make some sacrifices to ensure your bills, outgoings are paid in full and on time trust me there is nothing worse than letting your mortgage get on-top of you or your rent , who wants to be homeless never mind hungry.

Ill put some quick tips on what you need to be looking at in your life to limit your spending and save that so much needed extra buck!

Start Looking To Cut

.1 Junk Food (no excuses you can cook a full meal for less that 5 pound)

.2 Gambling (no bingo, horses, dogs or anything related)

.3 Alcohol (not only damages your health but very expensive habit)

.4 Cigarettes (very harmful and cost a fortune)

.5 Buying Games/DVDS (very addictive and can be very costly)

.6 Buying Designer Cloths (they all do the same job unless you can afford them don't)

.7 Buying Others (its time to look after number one how do you expect to save?)

.8 Finance (seems great at the time this will be the ruining of you)

Keep Organised With Your Money!

How To Manage Money

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