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Real New Year Resolution

Updated on October 22, 2011

A New Year!

New year resolution? What is that? Why people even think about it? What is the meaning of a new year for you? Why people set goals but never achieve them? Is new year resolution even important? If so, why as soon as the new starts, people forget all about it?

I want to begin this hub apologizing for being questionable about this particular topic, however, I want to justify my feeling, so, hang on with me and allow me to take you through this short journey.

A New Year:

Here comes another new year, it is just around the corner and, what is so excited about it? Why people get so anxious for the new year?

A new year for many represent the end of an old year and the beginning of new one. Such a feeling can be translated in many different types of feeling.

The current or past year is going away and with that, people, believe that they are leaving behind moments of frustration, maybe sickness, struggles, hurt feelings, maybe financial problems and so on.

For many people the old year probably did not turn out in the way that once it was hoped to be, therefore, it is good that it is almost over. It is time to forget.

The new year, on the other hand, it is seen as the unknown future, an expectation of hope for everything that one plans to achieve and hope for. The new year also offers plainly of time in its favor. A person that sees time as the most important asset, will usually see and expect the new year very anxiously.

So, with the approaching of a new year, a person that has dreams, passion, ambition and desire to conquer a new milestone in his or her life, usually, will prepare his or her personal goals.   


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