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Best Online Transcription Job Site for Beginners

Updated on July 17, 2016


With thousands of work-from-home websites claiming to be legitimate, it can be hard finding one that is real, easy to use, and actually pays a decent amount. TranscribeMe is by far my favorite for transcription that I've found. I've outlined what it's all about below.

What is transcription?

A transcriptionist listens to audio recordings of conversations, speeches, and interviews, and types what is being said. You are putting the words into text form.

Transcription websites generally have a specific format that they require you to submit your work in, but catching on is easy. For example, TranscribeMe's format includes leaving one blank line between different speakers (pressing Enter twice), adding in [laughter] when people laugh, and so on. They, of course, have the directions for you on their website when you sign up.

How fast and accurately you can type can be a good indicator of whether or not transcription is right for you. To find out about your WPM (words per minute) score, you can take a one minute typing test. (Most - if not all - transcription websites will ask about your score)

How is TranscribeMe different?

Throughout this article, I've highlighted different ways that TranscribeMe is different, however, the following are my 2 top reasons why I love TranscribeMe so much.

  • Short recordings: Most of the transcription websites that I've found give you very long recordings that can drag on and on, especially if the audio quality isn't great. What I love about TranscribeMe is that each recording is usually between one and two minutes, which allows you to finish each one in just a few minutes. Why such short recordings? Because TranscribeMe receives a long recording from a client, and then cuts the long recording into 1-2 minute intervals. Then, different parts are assigned to different transcribers.
  • Easy format: Unlike other sites, TranscribeMe doesn't want you to label the speakers' names or add in any timestamps (unless you decide to be a QA, which I discuss in the next section). Generally, you simply have to press Enter twice between different speakers, and add in things such as [laughter], [chuckles], [silence], etc


Do you need any qualifications to be a transcriptionist? In some cases, yes. However, TranscribeMe will hire beginners with no experience. You will excel in transcription if you can type quickly and accurately, while having good listening skills and being able to figure out what people are saying, even in poor quality recordings.

There are different categories that are available to transcribe. If you have any type of medical background, you can take a short test on their website (after signing up), and if you pass, then you will automatically be able to start transcribing medical audio.

There's also other tests you can take, such as being able to interpret different accents and even different languages. Whenever you pass a new test, you will unlock more transcription opportunities. Some tests include British accents, Irish accents, Spanish language, and more.

Once you get the hang of transcription, you may want to take on more work and earn more money. On TranscribeMe, one of the tests will qualify you as a QA (Quality Assurance) agent. QAs consolidate, proofread, and edit transcriptions after they've been submitted. They are responsible for adding in those timestamps and speaker names as well.

Quick and Easy Payment

TranscribeMe pays really well for a transcription website. Transcribers make $20/audio hour, which equates to 50 cents for every recording that's 1 minute and 30 seconds. Because each recording is so quick to finish, your earnings add up fast.

Additionally, payments are easy. Transcribers can request payment withdrawals through PayPal weekly. You have to earn at least $20 in order to cash out.

Can I start work right away?

Almost. A lot of transcription websites may take days or weeks to accept an application from you. On TranscribeMe, you create an account by registering here. Then, you will take a short Transcriber Training program. If you are successful in completion, then you will be notified of your account's activation shortly after. (Within minutes). If you do not receive the email in your inbox in a few minutes, then check your Spam or Junk folder. After receiving this email, you can begin working on your transcriptions!


I am not affiliated with TranscribeMe other than being a frequent user. I will not receive any money or incentive for this review. The review above is all my true opinions based on my experience thus far on the website. I was incredibly happy to stumble upon this website, and decided to make this article to help others do the same. Happy transcribing!

Did I miss something?

Do you still have questions left unanswered after reading this article? Let me know in the comments. I'm here to help, and I appreciate your feedback.

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