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Real Sites for Freebies, Prizes, and Money

Updated on May 21, 2014

Freebies Online

I will come back and update this hub with every new sites I find. Also, in due time I will make hubs for each sites I have listed on this hub with its full descriptions.

Who doesn't like freebies, right? I know I love freebies! I'm sure some of you know where to locate a place near you that offer free products. But whether or not you can find a legit website on the internet is often hard and not very easy to come by. Honestly, I rarely come across a website that offers free products without wanting something in return. Whether that's your personal information that they want from you so they can sell it to other companies or spam your email inbox with offers from other sites.

As of far, I'm only aware of one website that gives out real freebies. That would be from the Walmart Website. It's call "In Store Now" and it gives out free samples of products for you to try.

Prizes Online

Ever wonder which gaming websites you can log on, play game, gain points, and actually redeem realistic prizes? Well, there are some websites on the internet.

As of far, I have only come across two.

Club Bing - Aimed more toward younger people, games are mainly educational. With games relating to anagram solving, history, cross word puzzles, etc., I would recommend allowing your child on this gaming site. It's very educational and rewarding.]
UPDATE: nfortunately, Bing has decided to end this wonderful gaming program.

GSN - On GSN, you can either play for real money or "oodles." I think it's best to stay away from online games that involve real money. Oodles are points you gain playing games (such as Deal or No Deal) on GSN. I like the ChaChingo Bingo, with it you get to select one drawing every hour for a change to win real money if you hit the jackpot, if you match 1 to 4 numbers, you win oodles. When you gain enough points, you can trade it in for a prize from their collection. Or you can use the oodles to enter sweepstakes, GSN claims they give away tons of money away daily, so why not give that a try? I have traded my points in for a couple magazine subscriptions, I have yet to win anything big.

Brands That Reward

There are companies that rewards you for using their products. A good example would McDonald and their Coke Glasses (where you can purchase them at some Dollar stores) at one point and their annual Monopoly game pieces.

Breakfest cereals sometimes put toys or something useful for folks to buy for themselves and their family in order to market.

There's also companies that have sweepstakes where you can enter for a drawing to win a tons of money. But of course, it's usually 1 in a couple million or 3 in a couple million chances for you to win.

Anyway, my point is, Coca-Cola Company has this campaign going call "My Coke Rewards." My Coke Rewards simply encourages consumers to buy their drinking products, and under every bottle there's a cap or in every boxes with cans, there's a code you enter on their website. Every bottle cap gives you 3 points each and every box either gives you 10 or 20 points. You can collect those points and redeem them for prizes they offer. I have trade in some of my points for a year supplies of (Wired) magazine subscribtion. So it's definitely worth a try. But if you're not interested, simply pass those codes to a friend who does, or myself (;D).

So far that's the only site I'm aware of and that I've been on.

Money on the Internet

There's a ton of sites out there claiming that you can earn money online. Yet, majority of them are a fake! I've made the mistakes on entering my personal informations on some of them that my inbox was simply piled with spams. Unfortunately, I don't recall what site it is to warn you ahead of time.

InboxDollars lets you earn money for checking your email address and clicking the offer they sent. Clicking does not automatically sign you up for the offer, simply, only showing it to you. If you're not interested, simply close it. With every clicks, you get 2 cents. Often they have offers that you can sign up for and they'll reward you with more money (from 50 cents to $20). I've actually gotten $5.02 for clicking on an email with Vista Print offer and ordered the product (which was free, except for the shipping fee).
^^ the site is also referred-based. I have my referral number up there if you're interested in joining.
UPDATE: Sometimes after my first earning, their website changed and it was confusing to use, so I no longer use it.

Personally, I like this website. I have been using it for years and traded in points for a couple gift cards, I usually trade my points in for the gift cards two months before Christmas time so I can use them to buy gifts. They have a huge selection of stores you can choose from too, Amazon is among them. Here's how you can earn points:

  • They usually send you at least one email a day for you to click on, occasional, the email will give you points (5 points) but other times there's no points attached to the email. You click on to check out the offer or advertisement and get the points that the email indicate. Each email come with an expiration date, so you have to check it often.
  • Signing up for the offers the email sent you will give you points. It will all be explained in the email how much you will get.
  • Occasionally, there's also survey that ranges from 5 minutes up to an hour. The more time the survey is, the more points. Of course if you don't qualify for the survey, you still get 10 points.
  • Shopping with MyPoints will also give you points to exchange for your gift card faster. The less known stores will give your more points such as 25 points per dollar back. The more popular stores such as Walmart or Amazon will give about 2 to 5 points back. Of course, there's also the websites where you have to spend a specific among of money before you can start earning or spend that amount of money in order to get XXX points only.

You can start trading in your points around 1600 points. 1700 points at the moment will get you a $10 Amazon gift card. 4000 points get you a $25 Amazon gift card. 7900 points will get you a $50 gift card. The more popular store, you will need more points to trade in for those amounts listed. Most restaurants and a lot of chain stores will require you to pay less points for the gift cards. Most have the option of getting the gift cards give you the option of sending it straight to your house which could take up to a month or the option of getting an eCard.


 That's all that I have to offer you.

If you know of any other legit websites, comment and leave a link with me and I'll check the website out. My next hub will be my understanding of InboxDollars.

And remember, I will be updating this with every new finds. So check back for further info.


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      tryfreesample 4 years ago for freebies and promotional samples. no gimmick. thanks.

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      Matchbox 5 years ago

      Thanks, will take a look as as our site sugests, I LOVE freebies


      I Love

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      Da 5 years ago!