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Chad Pearson Algonquin

Updated on January 25, 2016

How did I boost my brain power?

In the 2011 movie, Limitless, A man takes an experimental drug and has a complete change of life. What I am about to tell you isn't hypothetical or just an idea I have, its my life. Only to explain to you now how it is that I relate to the character in that movie. I have free lanced, researched ways to literally cut my learning curve. It then depends on the person what they want to focus on. The movie was a dramatization. What I am about to tell you is not made up but literal things I have experienced.

A combination of learning techniques, healthy habits, mental stimulants, neurogenic supplements, exercise and trans-cranial electric caps will lead to the results seen in the movie Limitless. Adderall has been used in the past as the military's "go" pill. It is given to people with attention deficit disorder so they will be focused functioning human beings. The drug is amphetamine, after all, and there are many side effects. The military now administers a pill called modafinil, as their "go" pill since it bridges the gap between the synapses.. but so far scientists don't really know how. They just know it makes you smarter and wired for 15 hours. Adderall cut my learning curve. It initiated my learning. It focused me on everything at once, but portioned everything out perfectly. This change in interest caused a change in habits.

My healthy habits were really what made me feel like a new character. My interest in education led me to do everything exactly the way that I should. Eating required servings of daily nutrition and exercising vigorously. Sharpening my brain with Neuro-bics. My interests had stretched to researching online and applying everything that I'd learned about the 8 intelligences. My aspiring pursuits and my financial status conflicted, so I chose to improvise. I wanted to learn drums, I went to Toys R Us and bought a $20 child electric drum set. Through search engines online, I taught myself the fundamentals of music. A paradiddle and reverse paradiddle was first. I went to the library and rented out books, cd's and dvd's on "how to's" for learning Spanish. I was jogging farther and farther everyday while I would listen to Spanish tutorials on cell phone applications I downloaded, for free, on the Android market. My phone eventually would download every single, free productivity and self-help application. Applications that were didactic and helpful for my brain. I am repulsed by eating vegetables so I bought an emulsifier and grinded up the most nutrient dense vegetables and fruits, according to the A.N.D.I Rating System. I make myself multiple servings of nutrient dense health smoothies that I actually enjoy. At this point, I am applying guerrilla style life hacks. The more I discovered online, the easier things became for me. I was perplexed by the fact that everyone doesn't search online for information that will make you an extraordinary person. These are a couple things that I have written extensive notes on(regarding online research): "How to Charm Women" "Tricks for a Better Memory" "What Healthy Habits Should I Adopt."

Soon, I felt like everything there is to know is now written in the research journals I had bought from the dollar store. If you have written down everything there is to know, whether you remember it all or not, it justly earns an importance. Auto-didactics pursue their interests, which is understanding the unknown. It is your self-ignorance that prevents you from seeing the big picture. The big picture is that we have an obligation to ourselves, for those around us, to develop our body, mind, and spirit accordingly, to that which all geniuses can agree upon. If you pursue understanding things, you are in the pursuit of happiness.

We truly are in the information age. If you don't know something, and it interests you.. don't hesitate to learn about it. Even if you briefly look over the basics. Something as complicated as rocket science has fundamental learning that connects with other sciences. If you study music, then you, indirectly, study math. Put aside the thought process hardwired into our brains and exhibit executive thinking skills. Don't know what those are... look them up on any search engine(Google, Bing, Yahoo). Did ya know that there are meta search engines that act as webcrawlers combining all of these providers into one? is a site that does just that. You also don't have to worry about Google selling your sensitive information that you so willingly provide them via terms of agreement of use. Your laziness or closed-mind may be counteracted by realizing there is something interesting you can relate it to. Like a mneumonic technique. Make those connections between "What you don't know", "Why you want to learn it" and "How are you properly going extrapolate the information that really makes you go "ah-ha"(e.g.- recording in journals). The "ah-ha" is the interest that I am speaking of. That is the defining moment when you make a neural connection and suddenly you feel like you have discovered treasure. A treasure so invaluable that if one never experienced those "ah-ha" moments, ones purpose in life is meaningless.

Your self-interest, not your IQ, in particular, is what divides you from other genius's. It also may be what divides you from being an ignoramus because you don't have to learn if you don't want to. But if you do put forth initiative and create ideas constantly. Figure things out for yourself and never take shortcuts. Don't cheat yourself because half the fun is the hunt.

- Chad Pearson Algonquin, IL


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    • profile image

      Akash 3 years ago

      Can you please ellaborate that if Aderral has caused all the goodness that you see cncerning your ability to focus and learn new things.?

    • profile image

      Scott 3 years ago

      Great post. I watched this movie and then was so inspired to find out what would improve my cognitive function like the main character. I ended up coming across properly engineered brainwave entrainment technology.

      Check out WorkSharp by Active Minds Global: