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Recession Chic - Thrift Store Shopping

Updated on August 4, 2017

Building Materials – Clothing and Household Items

Times are tough. Nearly everyone is feeling the financial pressure. Incomes are dropping while gas and utilities are rising. People are cutting out luxuries, but let’s face it; now and then you’ve go to shop. Homes still need repair, shoes wear out, kids outgrow clothes and some of us who are thrown back into job market may need a low cost business suit or other appropriate interview attire. Forget the mall, the new hot place to shop is the Thrift Store. No longer taboo, with the economy precarious, people who used to turn up there nose at the though of entering a thrift store are learning just why these stores have long been so popular with the average Joe.

Building Materials

Habitat for Humanity Thrift Stores are the answer for the budget-minded do-it-yourselfers. Surplus items from the building or remodeling of homes for those in need are delivered regularly to these stores. You may have to make several trips or visit several of their locations to find the exact item you are looking for, but it is well worth the effort. The quality you get for the price will amaze you in most cases. We’re not just talking basics although you will find light fixtures, vanities, kitchen cabinetry, sinks, etc. There are specialty items as well, such as, deep oval bathtubs (some with jets), custom style entry doors and windows. At times you can even find drywall and paint. Most building materials are located at the rear of the store. Some are located outside. If you don't see what you are looking for just ask an attendant.

Be sure to check your directory for locations in your area. Habitat for Humanity Thrift Stores are not just located in the larger cities. There may be several in a radius of your residence that make it sensible for you to shop and compare them all. Prices do vary somewhat as does the stock.

The great thing is you are getting quality materials at a much-reduced rate and the money you spend goes to a wonderful cause. While helping yourself you are helping others. It is the best of the win-win situations!

Clothing and Household Items

Goodwill Thrift Stores are located in strip malls or have large, clean stand-alone stores. They offer a great variety of clothing, household items, books, toys and furniture. The pricing is a bargain with special colored tags designated 50% off for that day. Seniors are given a discount as well, usually 10-15%. Every other Saturday most Goodwill Thrift Stores have a storewide sale of 50% off.

Clothing is clean and displayed in color groupings on hanging racks in Ladies, Men’s and Children’s departments. Take your time looking. Often you can find popular brand name clothing. Some are new or looked to have been worn only a time or two. If you like the broken in look, there’s plenty of that, too. You will find rack after rack of shirts, blouses, tee shirts, jeans, slacks, shorts, dresses, suits, coats, jackets, even pajamas and underwear. Did you say “ewww” at the word underwear? Don’t despair; they do have new underwear. Usually there is a nice selection of shoes for all ages as well.

Household Items are found on numerous aisles of tiers shelving. Just as in any department store you take you cart and stroll from aisle to aisle of items sorted accordingly. There are dishes, pots and pans, utensils, small appliances, decorative items, linens in all shapes, sizes and condition. Some are new, still in the box and some are visibly used. Pricing is very reasonable on most of these items. Quite often the main aisle will be lined with plastic carts filled with a variety of reduced items.

Larger items such as furniture, televisions, exercise equipment, bicycles and an occasional stove or fridge are displayed at the side or rear of the store. There are some real deals to be found. Naturally some things may show more use than others.

Books, DVD’s, VHS tapes, Video Games and CD’s are grouped together and displayed in an easy to view manner. Prices are definitely reasonable.

Toys and board games have there own area of the store. Some stores have a wide variety while others have a rather small section. You should have no problem finding a toy in your price range to satisfy your anxious child.


They’re Everywhere


Habitat for Humanities and Goodwill Thrift Stores have been showcased in this article because of their widespread locations and excellent reputations.  However, there are likely many fine thrift stores in your area well worth exploring.  Some are in adorable little stores and are set up like a boutique.  Others look a little worse for wear and not the most organized.  Don’t limit yourself.  You’re already there, so check it out.  Some of the most surprising finds are in the most unlikely places.  Look at it like a treasure hunt.  Remember some treasure is buried.  Don’t be afraid to dig around!


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