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Recession Proof Industries - 3 Recession Proof Businesses to Rebound Your Falling Bank Account

Updated on February 15, 2009

Who Can Afford To Have A JOB Nowadays!?

You're reading this right now so I assume you're open minded to new ideas. In today's economy, who can afford NOT to be open minded to new avenues of income?!

And you've come to the right place. I'm going to discuss three recession proof industries... in fact, these industries thrive, even in a recession... and show you how I've used each of these three industries to complement and multiply each other's earnings.

This knowledge is what has allowed me to work from home for the last year, so get a pad and pen... and soak up the knowledge!

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Recession Proof Industry #1: Internet Marketing

One concept I didn't truly understand as an employee is the concept of how companies would compensate others for marketing their products.

Let me explain:

If I was working a job as an engineer, I would be paid a salary based on my job description. I would be expected to do my job for that pay. It's not really up to me how much revenue my company brings in. And I am paid in direct proportion to my time spent working (whether you're paid hourly or yearly, you need to spend TIME to produce MONEY).

Now, let's say you owned a business and you wanted to sell a $50 widget. You would have a marketing department responsible for developing leads. Those leads would turn in to sales. (In Internet marketing, the sales person is the web page... no one else to split $$ with, but we'll get to that in a minute!)

Now, if a marketer created 1000 leads and created 50 sales ($2,500 in business for you) you would give them a portion of the sales. These percentages could be as small as 10% or as high as 75% (sometimes even MORE). For this example, let's say it's a lower 25% commission to the marketer.

$2500 x 25% = $625 in profit for the marketer.

Now, here's the million-dollar question:

Does the business owner care how long it takes the marketer to create those leads?

No. They just care about the RESULTS.

Now, here's where it gets really interesting...

What if you were the Internet Marketer? My question to you is, how quickly would you create those leads?

Or what if you could turn 1000 leads into 150 sales instead of only 50 sales? (that's the same amount of work to create 1000 leads, but you get 3 times the income!)

Or how many of these products would you promote?

The question now is HOW CAN YOU DO IT!?

or how do you find products? or how do you determine where to spend your time? or what are the best ways to market online?

I've outlined these particulars in my FREE Recession Killer Report. You can get immediate access to this report at The Recession

Why is this recession proof?  Because you are in control of how much marketing you do.  If one industry's trends are decreasing, you can switch to another product that is in demand.  You can literally apply your learned skills to virtually ANY industry. 

The Recession Killer Report

Recession Proof Industry #2: Direct Sales

One of the first industries I suggest people go to when they want to make some extra money is direct sales.

Here's why: 

  1. You have control over times you work.  If you went to work part time at a retail store or food service you're prohibited to what time of day they need you there, and how many days you can work in a week.
  2. You have control over your time off.  If you want to take a vacation, you won't have anyone to ask but yourself.
  3. You have more control over your income.  If you want to make $500 per month, put in the required hours to do so.  If you want to make $5000 per month, well... put in the hours required to do so.
  4. **IMPORTANT** Make companies offer you the opportunity to leverage a team of people to increase (and in many cases multiply) your income...

Some direct sales companies will also let you build your own business with the Internet marketing skills I mentioned in the first section...  Consider the following stages of your direct sales business:

Stage 1: Learn about your company's product, compensation plan, and more...

Stage 2: Use your newly developed skills to create a system (or in many cases just COPY someone else's system) so that all you need to do is send people to that system, and the system does the work for you.  This way you can spend your time doing one of these two things: 1.) creating more leads (and thus sales and profit) and 2.) training the productive people in your organization to do the same and thus multiply your income.

Stage 3: Develop a stable and consistent income through your own sales.

Stage 4: Duplicate your results through a team of other marketers.

Stage 5: Automate your business as much as possible and plug your team in to more training (training that you don't have to do because it's online and available 24/7).

The direct sales industry is not only NOT affected by recession, it thrives in a recession because more people are looking for opportunity!  More people are looking to make more money and have all of the benefits listed above. 

I go over specific methods that I use to do all of these steps in the second section of my FREE Recession Killer Report.  If you want immediate access to this report click below:

Free Recession Proof Industries Report!

Recession Proof Industry #3: Forex Market

No, NOT the stock market.  This is a different kind of trading.  This is forex.

Forex is short for foreign exchange.  You see, every single day the value of the world's currencies change in comparison with eachother.  And just like with any type of trading, you always buy low and sell high.

And, quite honestly, I'm no expert in this industy... but here's what I do know:

  • the forex market is open 24/5.  It only closes on weekends, while the stock market is only open during the day...
  • invest as little as $50 to get started
  • it's IMPOSSIBLE to corner this market
  • you can profit whether the market is up or down
  • HUGE market = about $3 Trillion

So if I know that there's such an opportunity with this market, why don't I spend the time to be an expert?  Well, luckily I don't need to.

I have a resource in my FREE Recession Killer Report that takes care of ALL of this for me.  It's an automated software program that keeps track of MULTIPLE currencies and trades automatically when there's a great opportunity for a profit.  And it performs amazingly.

I'll be frank with you... I didn't believe this.  I thought it was all hype and BS.  And then I saw the proof.  I give you access to online records of a few accounts; all of which are REAL accounts trading REAL money getting REAL profits.

After you read my report and get access to this resource... DIVE RIGHT IN...  Do enough research until you're satisfied, and then TAKE ACTION.

Your Action Plan: How To Jump Start Your PERSONAL Economy

So, there you have it - three recession proof industries that you can take advantage of to jump start your personal economy.

Now, you can do all three, any combination of two, or just one of them.

Take a close look at what your personal goals are.  Decide how much time and money you want to invest, look over the three choices in the report, and see what option fits you best.


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