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Recycling mobile phones for cash

Updated on October 27, 2013

Recycling mobile phones for cash

Recycling your old mobile phones is an efficient way to help safeguard the environment and get cash for it. Although most people are aware that they can recycle their mobile phone, they are unsure about the process. Due to lack of knowledge, most of them tend to throw the old phones in garbage bins or in drawers or closets in the house.

If you accumulate all the phones that you have thrown around carelessly in the house, you may be able to get a few hundred dollars or more depending on the model and condition of the phone. The number of websites that provide money for old mobile has increased and you may be able to sell from anywhere.

Tips for recycling mobile phones for cash

  • It is advisable to compare recycling websites so that you are able to get a better deal. You may also try to determine the worth of your phone before you start the process of recycling. When you become aware of the true worth of the phone, you may be able to negotiate a better price with the recycling companies.
  • Most reputed recycling websites have a list of manufactures and mobile phone models listed on their website. The list may also contain the price that they are willing to pay for each mobile depending on its condition. You may be able to get a good price if you send the phone along with the original adapter, cord and headphones.
  • The recycling websites offer a prepaid shipping label and you can use it to ship your mobile free of cost. After they receive your old phone, it is checked and a value is determined based on its condition. If you are satisfied with the value determined you might be able to get cash within a couple of days.

If you are not satisfied with the offer made you can choose to get the mobile back. The shipping is done free of cost. You can sell try and sell the mobile on your own if you think you may be able to get a better deal.


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