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Reducing Expenses to a Bare Minimum

Updated on September 25, 2012

I came across an article on How to Save Money. I needed articles like this because I am desperate to save money myself.

Here are the author’s suggestion and my comments on each:

1. I cut my own hair.

I tried to cut my own hair several times and ended up in a salon to fix the mess I made.

2. No Cable TV.

I reduced my cable subscription to the bare minimum. I wanted to cut the subscription totally but without cable the reception is terrible and it is not possible to watch even the free local TV. DVD’s are expensive, too.

3. Be a Vegan.

Fresh fruits and vegetables in these parts of the world are very expensive. This country is blessed with so much fruits and vegetables but farmers find it hard to produce more because of the expense needed to cultivate them – so fruits and vegetables here are hardly affordable.

4. Don’t use the gym.

What gym????? LOL! Clearly I don’t use a gym. Could never afford such a luxury.

5. Rarely go to the movies.

The last time I went to the movies was – I don’t know – 10 years ago?? These days I don’t even know how a movie house looks inside.

6. Quit Smoking.

I wish I was smoking so I can quit and save the cigarette money – but I don’t!

7. Don’t drink much.

I do drink – soda! I drink soda with every meals, I take soda with my snacks. I drink soda morning, noon, and night time. I have to admit, I spend a lot on soda but I can’t seem to quit – I need soda to go with my food. I blame this giant soda company who made me believe that their product makes food taste even better.

8. Never go out.

I never go out – literally! I stay in my room writing my hubpages (as if I have more), writing fiction, reading, and watching TV (I watch comedy and Christian Channels which come with the basic cable subscription). The more I stay in -- the more I hate going out. I feel the sun is making me weak, I hate the smell of garlic, and I have a hankering for a dark red liquid – tomato juice, that is. What did you think?

9. Stay Healthy.

There is a TV commercial in the Philippines which says Bawal Magkasakit. It means “getting sick is not allowed” because doctors and medicine are unaffordable. Given that scenario, staying healthy is the only option. But with my present lifestyle – good luck to me!

10. Don’t go shopping.

Let’s see – when was the last time I went shopping? I’m not even sure how a mall looks like now.

11. Have only one car.

I have a car which is so old that everything is falling apart now. I need my money for its repairs so I can’t afford another car, for sure. I hear you – buy another car instead of repairing the old one. Another car costs hundred thousands while the repairs cost only thousands… (choosing between 2 evils – choose the lesser evil).

12. Bring my own lunch.

I am not working so this is not for me. In order for me to save money with regards to lunch – it’s “don’t eat lunch” which I really don’t because I have brunch.

13. No magazine or newspaper subscriptions.

Still can’t save from this – never had any subscriptions.

14. Rarely buy new clothes.

Can’t remember the last time I bought new clothes. I am still wearing a trouser I bought 12 years ago.

15. Never travel.

I used to travel when I worked overseas but I never really liked traveling because I have the worst airsickness in the world. Now that I have no reason to travel – I have no desire to!

Wow! After I went through this list, I know I am down to my barest minimum – I don’t know if I can find an area to save more.


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