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Regions Bank Foreclosures

Updated on March 28, 2013

Foreclosure Listings for Regions Bank


Like many other lenders, Regions bank has quite a few REO (real estate owned) properties being offered for sale and the number seems to be increasing. When I first wrote this hub, there were 688 residential listings available.  Now there are 1137.

Even if there is no Regions Bank near you, there could be foreclosures available in your area. Regions Bank has residential real estate for sale in 30 different states.

The top five states where Regions Bank has residential properties for sale are still the same, except that Florida has now passed up Alabama for the top spot.  The number of foreclosures listed by Regions Bank has increased for all of the top five states.  I have expanded the list this time.  Here are the top ten states that Regions has foreclosures in.

  • Florida (255 listings)
  • Alabama (210 listings)
  • Tennessee (147 listings)
  • Georgia (175 listings)
  • Mississippi (67 listings)
  • Arkansas (45 listings)
  • South Carolina (37 listings)
  • Illinois (29 listings)
  • North Carolina (26 listings)
  • Texas (24 listings)

Regions Bank also has commercial foreclosures available if you are looking for a commercial investment or a place to start a business.

Regions Bank Foreclosure Listings

For the most up-to-date real estate offerings being offered by Regions Bank, you can visit the "Property for Sale" page on the Regions Bank website, which is located at

Profiting from Foreclosures

There has never been a better time to make money investing in foreclosures.  Check out the foreclosures available through Regions and other banks to get started finding the right property.


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    • profile image

      edward rudolph 6 years ago

      Most people in this country cannot afford a home or a new car and they should not buy either. Wages have been slashed by every company and business owner to the point that they are the only ones who can afford these things. I say lets grant them their wish and refuse to buy anything ever from them at full price. In fact lets shop overseas for everything the way they do. Having things made in America made all of them millions of dollars but having things made overseas in third world countries makes them billions.

    • bethparker profile image

      bethparker 6 years ago from Grant, MI

      @Wise home-buyer: Amen! Just because the bank thinks you can afford a $2000 mortgage payment doesn't mean you can. If you don't leave room in your budget for extras and emergencies, you'll find yourself in trouble sooner or later.

    • profile image

      Wise home-buyer 6 years ago

      Too many people this day and age think that the average joe is going to be able to afford as big of a house as the CEO of the business they work for. It's not true. If you took a random poll of all kinds of individuals you'll get over half of them admitting they bit off more than they could chew when they bought their home. I know many people think thatrent money will be wasted when one can buy a home anyway, but you'll find your life much more secure if you wait until you can actually afford a $210,000 house !!!

    • profile image

      Regions Bank Foreclosing on My Home 7 years ago

      Regions Bank is attempting to foreclose on our house worth approximately $210,000 of which we have paid $88,000. We are $4.000 behind and they have stated they will foreclose unless we pay $6,223 by the end of August - in 8 days and if by some miracle, we can come up with that amount in such a short time, they are going to raise our monthly mortgage another $200 a month. Thisis their idea of loan modification. Wow - how generous. Isn't it nice to know that no only the banks benefit from families - yes, children to - losing their homes!!!