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Relatively Healthy Eating When You're Very Low On Cash

Updated on October 18, 2017

26 Item Grocery List

My first article so my apologies if it comes across as weak/confusing/awkward. Anyway, I've been thinking lately of a limited grocery list that one can get by without going through starvation while still getting enough nutrients. I've come up with 26 items, which might seem like a lengthy list, yet many of these items tend to last extensively with some not even having expiration dates. Some great tips including not purchasing them at $$$ places such as Whole Foods (duh!), buying generic, and shopping around sales/coupons/rebates...

1) OJ (loaded with vitamin C and has a long shelf-life. Tip: add ice if you want to stretch it out further).

2) Eggs (a very versatile food that's loaded with protein).

3) Bread (great for sandwiches as well as toast).

4) Canola oil (not a food, but great as a dressing on its own. No need to buy salad dressing or cooking spray. Has a long shelf-life).

5) Mayo (again, not a food but you can do so much with it. Used to hold sandwiches together).

6) Celery (inexpensive and great for dishes or on its own. Apparently helps with digestion).

7) Carrots (another cheap vegetable that helps you save on eye care).

8) Cheese (might seem expensive, but you can do so much with it. Contains protein and calcium).

9) Loose leaf lettuce (again, inexpensive if it's not prepackaged. Can use it for sandwiches and salads. A great way to get your greens!).

10) Bottled water (some of you might disagree, but it's great for travelling. Also great if your water bottle accumulates an unpleasant stench. Make sure to buy a case lot to make it more economical. In combination with your water bottle, it should take a long time to go through the case. Tip: Be sure to return those bottles to get some money back!).

11) Brita Filter (again not a food, but a great investment if you don't trust your city's water, and don't want to go through multiple pricey jugs. Normally it should be replaced every 2 months, but I'm sure you can go beyond that).

12) Juicy Fruit gum (to satisfy that sweet tooth without resorting to a pricey pastry at Starbucks).

13) Breath mints/chewing gum (to freshen your breath and save on dental care. Either one works, but the chewing gum--if you can chew discreetly can be a better option, especially if you suffer from dry mouth).

14) Green tea/coffee (some of you might choose the coffee, but I prefer green tea since I sometimes have a bad reaction to the latter. Green tea apparently is just as effective as stimulating your system).

15) Bananas (cheap and filling).

16) Beefsteak/vine tomato (whichever one is less expensive. Loaded with vitamin C and I've heard that it helps combat sun damage. Great with grilled cheese sandwiches).

17) Soup (get the kind that's loaded with meat to get your iron and protein).

18) Pasta/rice (filling. Tip: penne, bowtie, or any type that comes in small pieces is more versatile than spaghetti noodles).

19) Frozen green peas (versatile and they should last a long time. Tip; whack it against the counter if they get stuck together).

20) Mushrooms (dirt cheap and is one of the very few foods besides milk that contains Vitamin D).

21) Milk (not too expensive, and contains many vitamins. Used on its own as well as lots of recipes. Tip: try to store it in the back of the fridge to make it last longer).

22) Salt-and-pepper (inexpensive seasoning for many many dishes. Don't think it has an expiration date).

23) Baking soda (obviously used for baking, but is a great cleaning agent so that means saving on cleaning supplies).

24) Vinegar (another great cleaning substitute. A big jug often costs next to nothing).

25) Cookies (to satisfy that sweet tooth, and helps you drink your milk if you hate that stuff. The generic brand usually tastes just as good).

26) Vitamin D supplements (useful if you're not getting enough of this vitamin. Might seem pricey, but they have a long shelf life, plus you don't have to take one everyday if you think you're getting enough.


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    • lovetherain profile image


      12 months ago from Untited States

      Great list. It's hard to come up with a healthy diet when You don't have a lot of money to spend.


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