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Remote Living

Updated on January 1, 2011

It is about 10:30 as I sit in the lobby typing this out. It has been more than a year since I've started on my online endeavors and I think I have reached quite a bit of my mid term goals. At this point I would say that it is perfectly possible for many people to have a remote existence. That is they could tour the world and check in to their laptops via the nearest internet wifi connection from time to time to keep track of their online estates and go back to their year long world tour vacations. It is something definitely doable, and I do think if you take care to diversify appropriately it can be something that will last for quite a while. Another good thing too is that if you don't rely on youtube or high resolution photos, you don't really need a very good connection. 1mbps or 512kbps should be adequate if a bit sluggish at times.

Some people even prefer to do their management on the beach too. So long as there is a phone to tether internet over. To some, this can be a retirement of sorts, at the early age of 20s and 30s (the age of the internet people).

Although it has been difficult to find internet, the living costs are not prohibitive and the savings can be funneled over to getting an hour of internet every few days to every few weeks. If I feel particularly strong about a new subject I may find more internet time to set up something new. I have had a lot of time to read too, about many different interesting lifestyles and topics. Lifestyle design is something that I have recently thought about. Currently I find myself not doing much and just keeping track of world events through many of the news aggregators. I would probably tinker with some of my hubs before the time runs out, perhaps updating my sample inventory sheets page. Another page I have been intending to work on also has to be with sample inventory but report sheets.


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    • simeonvisser profile image

      simeonvisser 7 years ago

      @Csjun89: That may very well be the case, I hope I'll get a bit closer to that goal. But for now I'll simply focus on other things in life and building an income online.

    • Csjun89 profile image

      Csjun89 7 years ago

      I think if you continue to work hard in the right direction, before long, you'll be traveling the world while financially free! :D

    • simeonvisser profile image

      simeonvisser 7 years ago

      Oh this lifestyle is certainly possible. Search online for location independence and you'll find many blogs and resources about how this lifestyle can be achieved. In fact, I may strive to become location independent too myself one day. Perhaps not a life of continuous travel but I would love to travel for several months each year. Simply continue to work online while you travel, that's great :)