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Residual Income Opportunities for You and Me

Updated on February 26, 2011

Easy Internet Income

Ok I have been making $$ online since 1997. I have had some great years and some not so great years.

OK Lesson #1 Repeat after me.

#1. All the gurus are full of it. They are selling pie in the the sky BS.

#2.All the gurus are full of it. They are selling pie in the the sky BS.

#3.All the gurus are full of it. They are selling pie in the the sky BS.

Now that we have the fundamentals down, lets get to the real deal. You can create income online and you do not have to buy any crazy programs and you do not have to have any special skills.

Anyone can create content and make $$ on the internet. If you are not interested in writing you can make videos that share experiences in your life.

Let me explain, Networks will pay you for your content. Sometimes up front cash and other times you will get paid by how many people view your content. Now you might think this is a ridiculous notion and only a few lucky people are making a go of it.

Not so I have traveled half way around the world and back on my residual income that I have been creating. I now live in Hawaii and residual income pays my bills. When I am able to work online, when I am not to busy surfing or spending time with my family.

I create several articles a week now and my income has been steadily increasing for years.

Here is the deal you can start creating content little by little and making your own income streams. I have 8 streams of income and they add up!

You wont get rich over night. You will have to work at it . You will make mistakes but you will get better the more articles and videos that you create .

I am certainly do not claim to be an expert at creating income online even though I have been doing it consistently for years.

Here is a good place to start. Sign up for these 2 networks and you can start writing articles and learning how you can create as many income streams as you desire!

Bukisa is free fun and easy to get started.

Click here to sign up for Bukisa

Triond is also a fun and easy place to start learning!

Click here to sign up for Triond

Of Course Yahoo Network is a great money maker also

Click here to sign up for Yahoo Contributor Network!


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  • profile image

    Marcella Glenn 6 years ago from PA

    Great hub. I laughed at: "All the gurus are full of it."