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Residual Income Writing Online

Updated on August 15, 2009


Yes, you can earn regular income writing online. There are hundreds of sites paying you upfront. I have averaged between 1000 to 1500 dollars upfront payment every month   writing for them. Over the last month, I am focusing on residual income.


However, earning online upfront is no big deal. There are more assignments out there on net than the writers can possibly handle. You can in fact earn online in proportion to the time you devote to writing.


In this article, I will be discussing residual income writing online rather than upfront earning.


Residual income writing online could appear rather onerous and monotonous in the beginning. What you need here is a great determination to go on and on.


I suggest don’t worry over how much you are making in residual income at least initially. Your earning won’t be visible initially.


I used to write for Helium but, I don’t know for what reasons, they no longer work with non-US residents. Don’t worry, if you are not a U.S resident, there are many more other sites and new ones that pay residual income keep popping out almost every month.


Other than Helium, there are well known online writing companies like Associated Content, Bukisa, Hubpages, Squidoo, Triond and dozens of others. They are well established and not likely to bust in foreseeable future.


Associated Content pays you 1.5 dollars for every thousand page views. Their pay out goes on increasing as you go on to improve your clout level. You will get your 1.5 dollars at clout level 4, and there is literally no looking back from there.


From the large number of reviews I read, it appears Associated Content and Helium are the most promising. I might differ from this view. Both Associated Content and Helium offer both upfront (only to the U.S residents) and residual payouts.


I think different writers might have varying online earning experience writing for them. I think more enterprising writers can earn more Hubpages and E-how. You are likely to earn more on Hubpages if you understand their system well. You have several sources like google adsense, amazon, and ebay paying you to let them advertise on you pages.


If things go well, which means you know what to write that will attract more valuable advertisements from them you can begin earning hundreds of dollars in a very short span. The same level of online residual earning will probably take more time at Associated Content or Triond.


However, the idea of residual income is not quick and short term. You have to keep writing, writing and learning. And continue writing, writing with the experience of  lessons learned about traffic and page views, key words and so on.    


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