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Residual Income a State of Perpetual Money

Updated on July 2, 2012

Having a state of perpetual money is a dream of many people. Many are in the process right now of earning a living through their computers. The goal is to set up a type of residual income to continue after all the hard work is completed. There are many ways to accomplish a passive income online using many methods. Let’s take a look at a couple of them


Writing is a terrific way to make a passive income. There is many revenue sharing sites out on the internet that will split the views and ad clicks with their client. An excellent example is right here at hub pages with a 60/40 split you can earn some money. Granted it Is not a large sum of money, but it gets you started in the area of internet residual income.


The most effective method of getting a residual income is by the use of websites. This take a little longer, but when you set it up just right it can be the perfect source of residual income. One website can generate as much money as you need simply by placing ads on it. Not just Google ads, of course that is one way. You can make money from perspective advertisers that want to place a banner the tops side or bottom of your site for a month. So, establishing a web presence by way of a website is a substantial income generator.

Affiliate Marketing

Another effective way that people are making money online is promoting other peoples products. You can do this in a variety of different settings from articles, PPC, websites, and more. The general idea is to get people to the sales page of the product and the ad will sell itself if it is done correctly. This gives you a source of commission and sometimes even reoccurring monthly subscriptions from the sale of the product.


One way that many people online have made a significant income is with the use of trading. This goes along the lines of stocks, bonds, options, and other investments. There are so many online brokers available now that the average person can trade right from their kitchen table. If, you invest in dividend investments you can even earn an extra income from having those in your portfolio creating a small passive income stream.

While it is not an easy process, you will succeed if you keep putting effort into it. Whether it is writing articles, driving traffic, or anything else you are struggling with to get the passive income going just keep doing a little bit each day and those efforts do add up to a nice, tidy sum in the long run.


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  • William Gerace profile image

    William Gerace 5 years ago from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    I love this article especially since I just started writing on Hubpages. I have to say I didn't think I'd start earning on here but since I posted my first 7 Hubs I made like 0.09 which I know isn't much but I was so excited that I actually started earning. I have done this on other sights and never anything. I hope this is not me overreacting but I thought it was great. Again I found your piece helpful and inspirational. Thanks again.