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Responsibility: A Purpose in Life

Updated on January 22, 2014
Our lunch date during my thanksgiving vacation.
Our lunch date during my thanksgiving vacation.

I was asked, "What made you decided to help your siblings' college education?" It's an easy question but I was out of answer. After minutes of thinking about it I said, "It's a default?" and I laugh.

Being responsible for all the expenses of college education of my two sisters is the hardest responsibility I am facing right now. It means hard work, cutting off and being practical on my expenses and taking chances for extra earnings. I can say, it's a responsibility but taking the real side of the situation, it's not. It's a choice. It's a decision. I can have my own life, as they can have their own but I chose us to be connected not just by blood and heart but also by dreams and aspirations. This is not to become a candidate for the best sister in the whole wide world category or a sister who they could wish to have in another lifetime but to be a sister they would want to become on their own. Someone to look at to, someone they can lean on and most importantly, someone to push them bring out the best they can give to themselves and to the world. Someone they can call 'ate' (term use to call to an older sister).

To justify my answer, I said, "Because our eldest sister was the one who helped me out when I was studying so now is my turn." Our parents can no longer afford to finance our education because they are already old. My father is a tailor and didn't able to save for our college education because the amount he earned in a day was just enough for a day or two. My mother helped him with sewing for rush orders but most of her time was spent taking care of us, her eight children. Papa did his best and worked double at our eldest sister's college time that's why she was able to finish it. Now that we both grown up, equipped with wisdom from their word and experiences, inspired to pursue the dream they shared to us and to share those to my younger siblings, I am not taking over their position but working on the dreams they engraved on our hearts, to be someone - educated, successful, to be of service to fellows and to God, and most importantly, to be happy and contented in life. They can still work but not with the goal of earning but just to spare themselves from boredom.

I also added, "Because they deserve it. I can see that they are not taking it for granted. I mean my help to my sisters. I am not the only one who is working hard here, so are they. Angein is now in her last year for Bachelor's degree in Office Administration. Her academic capability is above average and excellent in application as she works as Student Aide in the College's Human Resource Department. She knows what step to take to learn beyond theory. Vinna is now on her third year. She had hard time in computer programming as their major subject in second year but didn't give up and make up her failed subjects in summer to be able to enroll for third year and she made it. She set aside her interest in band which ate most of her time at her first two years and decided to focus on passing her Bachelor's degree in Information Technology. At the age of eighteen, she is mature enough to know her priority and not afraid to give up something she loves for a greater opportunity. They both know what they want and how to be successful in their chosen field and I am proud of them. I ended my answer with, "education is an investment and they made me feel it as such."

This responsibility taught me so many lessons: budgeting, discipline, focusing on priorities, appreciating simple things, being positive and going beyond limitations. Putting the biggest part of your earnings in school's expenses is something you would treasure for the rest of your life. It becomes needs which means putting aside your wants that develop self-discipline. With this, I am thankful for every cent that I earned and hoping that the next will be higher. It doesn't make me stay put but instead keeps me going, going beyond what I taught before was my limit. My dreams become bigger and my visions become brighter, aiming for career growth and professional success. It gives meaning to what I am doing and made me a grown up person at this early age.

I realized, responsibility will not always be a sacrifice when you are happy while performing it. Another thing is because they showed you they deserve and it's all worth it. This responsibility of mine is not a sacrifice but a purpose that encourages me to aim high and motivates me to work hard and fulfill something in life. When life becomes hopeless which happens to anyone sometimes, I look back to this responsibility and see my purpose again then everything becomes alright.

Vinna and Angein
Vinna and Angein

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