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Retire Comfortably Overseas - Belize

Updated on August 26, 2012

Where in the World is Belize

Belize is a small mainly English speaking country located on the northern Central American mainland, and forms part of the Yucatan Peninsula. It lies on the cusp of Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala. The main religion in Belize is Christian. With stunning beauty, beaches with crystal clear water and rich wildlife all around, this small country is abundant in environmental riches. Lush tropical rain forests, the largest cave system in Central America as well as major Mayan ruins are all tucked neatly away but draws tourists from all over. It contains the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere and three of the four true atolls in the Americas including the Great Blue Hole.

There are over 250 islands and beaches inside the reef making it well known for great scuba diving. Belize has a population of approximately 330,000 people and it's total land area is 8,867 sq. miles. It's main exports are: Petroleum, sugar, bananas, citrus, grain and fish products. Due to all of the natural attractions this little country holds, tourism is high on the list for jobs and stability in the area.

Belize has two seasons, wet and dry. June through November is the wet season and November through February is the dry season with the coolest temperatures. February through April may bring a few showers but it is still considered the dry season. The temperatures range from the low 70's to the upper 80's.

A markerbelize -
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Capital of Belize is City of Belmopan


Belize has come a long way in the last decade improving it's infrastructures, however, it still has a ways to go. Belize has set aside millions of dollars for the purpose of improvements. From medical facilities to highways and everything in between are scheduled to be done. Belize depends on tourism and wants to make sure that improvements continue to keep attracting investors and tourists which supply many of the jobs to the local people.

The only official port of entry by air is the Phillip Goldson International Airport which is located 12 miles north of Belize City. There are many cruise lines that make stops in Belize.

Utilities including cable service and Internet are fairly decent. The option to purchase your own satellite dish is available. The electricity service is also slated for improvements and the cost of electricity can be expensive.

Districts of Belize


Description of the Six Districts

Square Miles
Belize City
Busy City Life
San Ignacio
No Seacost - Rich Rainforests
Corozol Town
Vast Sugar Cane Fields - Spanish Ambience
Orange Walk
Orange Walk Town
Vast Sugar Cane Fields - Spanish Ambience
Stann Creek
Dense Jungles - Wildlife
Punta Gorda
Dense Jungles - Wildlife

An Abundance of Wildlife

Wild cats such as mountain lions and jaguars are common felines and an assortment of monkeys, fish, fowl, reptiles also roam the dense jungles. There are several zoos and sanctuaries that house and protect the many species of wildlife found here. Colorful birds of many species make it a birdwatcher's haven.

Spider Monkey


Harpia Owl


Stretch Your Dollars in Belize

Although this tropical paradise may cost less to live in than the US or France, it is not cheap and depending on a home and it's location can cost in the millions. Local foods such as fruits, vegetables and fish are very economical.

Medical care, property taxes, local labor, insurance and some other miscellaneous things are much less expensive than the United States. The flip side is that gasoline, cable, Internet, electricity and cell phone service can be more costly.

Housing costs can vary greatly. A new home can be built for as little as $50,000 and up to as much as one wants to spend. A nice beach condo for purchase starts around $100,000. A modest house for rent can range from as little as $200 per month up to $500. Most expats will agree that generally speaking, they have a much more comfortable lifestyle for much less than they would pay in the US and other European countries.


Belize is a rich and beautiful country with a blend of cultures and natural environments. The city is bustling with activity while the Ambergis Cay atmosphere is tranquil and laid back. The Mayan Ruins are rich in archeology while the rain forests and dense jungles remain untouched and full of animal and bird life. You won't find a Walmart or major shopping malls but there are nice restaurants and shops as well as open air markets. There is plenty to do in the way of outdoor activities, swimming, fishing, diving and hiking; but you will be disappointed if you are looking for the same cultural environment such as the United States. You can easily live very comfortably in most areas for $1,500 month. There are also some very rich and famous people who reside in Belize, and of course their expenditures and lifestyle are not that of the average person living in Belize.

A hammock between the palm trees, a pina coloda made with Island rum, the sights and sounds of the tranquil sea; yep, I could get used to that!

English Cay



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    • TravelAbout profile image

      Katheryn 5 years ago from United States

      Julie, How long did your parents visit Belize? Such beauty everywhere you look from the mountains to the beaches. There doesn't seem to be anything not to like. Thanks for your comment and I hope you get to Belize soon.

    • Julie DeNeen profile image

      Blurter of Indiscretions 5 years ago from Clinton CT

      Ohh, we sent my parents to Belize and they loved it. I can't wait to go visit!

    • TravelAbout profile image

      Katheryn 5 years ago from United States


      A place we are considering down the road a bit! Thanks for stopping by.

    • tipstoretireearly profile image

      tipstoretireearly 5 years ago from New York

      Looks like a beautiful place. And very economical for a simple life.