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Retire Young Retire Rich

Updated on March 16, 2011


 If your looking to retire young and rich, the "Rich Dad's, Retire Young Retire Rich book is required  reading.  It give realistic ways to generate income passively, basically you put in the time upfront and get paid for the rest of your life.


 Rich Dad's Retire Young Retire Rich book is a very good read on early retirement due to the various passive incomes it talk about.  What makes this book different from others is its level of real life plans and inspiration that the author has done himself.

The book also talks about taking information and making it into profitable books, cd's, audio books, e-books, etc.  You can take one book and make it into many different profit centers and if your familiar with the Rich Dad series that is exactly what he has done successfully.


This book is a definite must to read if your looking to quit your job and retire off of passive income.  This is not a get rich quick book but a book with ideas that can generate you passive income long after you have put in the initial work.


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