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Retire In Ko Samui, Thailand

Updated on November 23, 2017
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Koh Samui, Thailand

Live like a king in Ko Samui, Thailand.

The title says "retire in Ko Samui."   Actually you don't have to wait till "old age" like me to retire in Ko Samui.  You may "misinterprete" the last sentence that I am now retiring in Ko Samui.  Unfortunately not, for many reasons, especially being Asian.  I am assuming most of you readers here are Caucasians, mainly Americans.  Then very good news for all of you.  First, let me put the financial aspect to tempt you, then no more hesitation.  I am sure you will immediate pack up and take the next flight to Ko Samui.

What is the exchange rate of 1 US Dollars to Thai Baht (Thai currency)?  US$1 can get you 30 Bahts.  What can 30 Bahts get you in Thailand?  Haa!  This is the most important question.  And the heavenly answer is this.  US$1 will buy you 3 mangoes, or 3 Slurpees at 7/11, or 3 bottles of Coke, or 6 packets of Polos. 

What about a decent meal?  Even in Bangkok, the capital city, with US$1 (30 Bahts) you can feed yourself crazy from street stalls.  Even in nice restaurant with air-conditioning and waiter service US$3 will see you through; and if you are generous enough  just leave the spare change as tips!  That will make everyone happy!  And here we are not talking about big commercial city like Bangkok.  We are talking about a small unassuming laid-back island.  Now you know where to crown yourself as "king" or " queen." 

Ok.  Enough of this sales talk.  Where is this Ko Samui?  Please read on.

Ko Samui, Thailand

A markerKo Samui, Thailand -
Ko Samui, Surat Thani, Thailand
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Ko Samui, the serene island.

Ko Samui is Thailand's third largest island, east of the Kra Isthmus, in the Gulf of Thailand.  The island is roughly circular in shape about 15 km across with a single 51 km road circling the island.  There are about 60 other smaller islands surrounding it.  The island offers white sandy beaches, coral reefs, crystal clear waters, wide variety of marine life and swaying coconut palms. 

 Be sure to hop to the nearby Ko Phangan island during full moon evening where the notorious all-night party is held to celebrate the rising of the full moon.  And for snorkeling, do not miss the two islands of Ko Nang Yuan and Ko Tao which harbor an extensive collection of coral reefs and  colorful varieties of marine life in their crystal clear waters.

Festivals and feasts

Then visit the Grandmother and Grandfather Rocks shaped like the female and male genitalia.  And if you are there at the right time of the year, that is either New Year's Day or during the "water festival" , April 13 to April 15, you will get the chance to witness the Buffalo Fighting Festival which is definitely not a bloody Spanish affair, but quite a harmless traditional competition.


Apart from the beautiful beaches, the main town of Nathon offers a variety of cheap souvenir shopping, especially along the old wooden Chinese shophouses lining the main road.  While there, why not drop in at any of the many waterfront seafood restaurants for a cheap, but very spicy local dishes.


Retire regally

There are many retirees living in Ko Samui taking advantage of the warm climate, beautiful beaches, and the friendly locals. Best of all, you live like king in your regal island; the kingly Island of Ko Samui!!

Kingdom paradise on an island!

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    • ExpertCLB profile image

      Madison Miller 4 years ago from The United States

      Beautiful Thailand Hub...good work.

    • pinappu profile image

      pinappu 6 years ago from India

      Thailand is a very beautiful country with rich heritage. This article has the very essence of Thailand. The photos are too beautiful.