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Retirement Baby Boomers What Now?

Updated on September 9, 2015

We baby boomers have had an eventful life and now we are moving on toward retirement years. The baby boomers are reaching their 50's and 60's so the impending retirement moves closer and closer. For some of us this is a greatly desired phase of our life. For others, we may not be anxious to be on the brink of retirement.

Traditionally retirement meant that one has completed their working life as far as an income goes, and have traded this in for a peaceful one that is relaxing and worry-free. Who wouldn't love this? Sleeping-in, going fishing, bowling or the golf course. Visiting friends, taking trips or working on the hobby that you have always wanted to take part in but could not for whatever reason. But what is the reality of retirement.


While retirement can be some of the things listed above, however, the truth is it can also be a time of anxiety. If we are not financially prepared for the event, we will not be retiring because or our age alone. When we are not finished with our working life, retirement will be delayed. The great thing about baby boomers is that we have always lived our life on our own terms, not what others view as proper, tradition, or correct. We are wise and come up with solutions to the circumstances we find our-self in.

We are the baby boomers and we never had the luxury being able to stay with the same employer. No, our employers did not retain the same employees from college though retirement. We unlike those who have gone before us do not have a good retirement package waiting for us as a result of years of faithful service.

We do plan and we do have organizations that give us resources and options that allow us to have a secure future where finances are concerned. One of the organizations that are invaluable to baby boomers is the AARP.

Even though we must have the finances we need when retired this is not all that a happy retirement is about. The myth when it comes to retirement is that we stop being a productive person and sit down and let others take care of us. This in reality, even if we could do it financially is NOT a good option for anyone. This would be a very unhealthy lifestyle and cause much illness in return.

Everyone wants to feel useful. This is not different when you retire. We need as humans to remain productive, and creative. If we have always had a dream we need to still go after that dream. Without this a desire to live diminishes. This is why many retirement age people want to continue working on into there retired years. For some this is the only reason. Many do not need to continue on with their work for financial reasons at all.

Baby boomers that do retire at the time expected may look into a different area of work. They many times will take on a new career. In addition to adding income to their finances, they can many times begin a line of work that they have always most wanted. Staying active can involve service to others as well. Churches and organizations always need the help from volunteers. This is a time in your life that great meaning can develop. Life is as a book with many new chapters and we were put on this Earth to "do" not to "do" nothing as along as we are physically able too.

Baby boomer have always been crusaders for causes. Retired baby boomers have time to become activists to make our world a better place for all of us and our grandchildren. Yes, the world is a better place because of our generation. We will continue on.


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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Most retired couples enjoy life now, travelling, not thinking about babies yet