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Retirement-Your Pension Plan-or an Online Residual Income for Life

Updated on December 7, 2011

Another Way to Earn Money for YOUR Future

By Dale Ovenstone November 30th 2011

Another way to earn money for your future

Here we go again, sorry to break the news about these uncertain financial economic times & bring it all up in your face, & especially, your pension concerns, you know, that part of the agreement with your employer whereas you input a section of your wages earned from the company you work for, back into your little nest egg, every week, or every month, for when you retire happily in the future, hopefully, whereas you are still young & fit enough to enjoy the fruits of your financial labour, with your agreement to pay a said amount into your pension scheme, with each & every pay cheque or cash, with the premise that you would then earn a said amount back, after you retire, to live more comfortably.

Well you have earned it haven’t you!

You have paid in!

What a load of shambles it is all turning out to be.

Is your money safe? Is your employment safe? Is the company you work for safe? Is the scheme where you pay your pension into safe? And I as one, certainly bet you feel let down right now.

No wonder today, Britain, yet again, witnessed business sectors striking across the country for what they say is ‘unfair treatment,’ seems like the reason why these striking forces are once again striking, because companies are not keeping to their earlier promises.

I personally, have no preference whether striking is good or not, the idea of this article is to input my ideas hopefully for you to take another direction to earn a little nest egg for your future.

There are many ways to earn money from your computer with an internet connection. & obviously, you will need to spend some spare time to earn an online income.

Don’t have any spare time? That’s a shame, your shame, because, it is your future we are talking about. So, maybe, you could switch off your television a couple of nights a week, & free some of your time up.

I earn ‘residual’ money online because I have created, & written step by step ‘how to guides’ (e-books) within the DIY sector, because I have experience within certain aspects of DIY. So I learned how to turn my knowledge into creating the products I have on offer.

For life!

Being experienced within certain aspects of my life, I enjoy sharing my tested ideas with my readers too. Then again, I also create step by step DVD’s showing others how to ‘drywall texture finishes comb work patterns’ onto their ceilings & walls.

These few items I have created, in the time I have made for myself, will result in a residual income for life.

Progress with the current times, which are always changing? And so, why not have a bash yourself!

Just think, what a joy! To open your computer e-mail program some mornings to discover you have received money into your paypal account over night. Just by sleeping! All because you created, in your spare time. Great, just great!

One way you can earn money on-line, which is also another stream of income for your future, to create, & to put money aside, is to follow what I am doing (plus many other users) here on hubpages for instance, that is, to write articles, just like this one, or, write stories, personal experiences, product reviews, poems, most anything you may find interesting to write about. (Obviously following the publishing guidelines of what not to publish) & very importantly, others, who would also find what you write about, interesting. Because, you must get views to your articles to begin making money with hubpages, or any other publishing platform whereas you showcase your work!

Is this residual income a sure bet for the rest of my life? You may ask.

Well, let me just say, I would suggest your residual income is self made. Yes you are a creator. We all are, & your income is highly safe for your future, compared at least with, your current pension plan through working for many offline companies.

You are also responsible for your own tax purposes, letting the tax authorities know your intentions when you start earning. You will also need to sign up to a google account so that you can receive payments from the adverts that are placed alongside your published articles, & that’s it really. The more you write (well, the more views your articles generates) the more you should earn in the long run.

Now, this is a slow burner, you will notice, over time, small amounts of revenue dribbling into your Google Adsense account, & then, lo & behold, you should start receiving a check from them right through your postbox, & then this cheque will begin becoming more regular, but remember, when you got spare time, use it to create & publish, & slowly but surely, your income should flourish over time.

You can also put up a free, or a cheap website. These are so easy peasy to create & upload with all the templates available anyone can do it. Then, just place more Google adverts there, another stream of income to aid your other streams of income. And maybe write about that here on hubpages?

I am providing you with my affiliate link for you to become a part of hubpages, just in case you wish to sign in from my article here. Once you have created your articles & uploaded to hubpages, use your own affiliate link they give to you, to get your friends to sign in, this way, you make another kind of income on top of the one you are already earning. Click to sign in.

I hope you found this article helpful, or maybe not, I’m a big boy & I can take anything you throw at me so I would really love your time to feedback me & you will definitely get an answer right back, so please, kindly leave your comment in the box below. Would you like any further help with this idea, I have already been there, so I understand, just ask me whatever your concerns & I'll get the answer to you.

All the best & good luck!

Regards Dale Ovenstone


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    • Inspired to write profile image

      Dale J Ovenstone 6 years ago from Wales UK

      Thank you for your comment lanealanea, & why not, wanting to work in a flower shop, after all, it seems like an ambition for you to look forward to in your mature years, also, you'll be earning money doing something immensely creative, & doing what you seem to love the most.

      ps, don't forget to send me a nice bunch of roses lol.

      Regards Dale

    • lanealanea profile image

      lanealanea 6 years ago from Orange County, California

      I have to say that I totally like your hub, its true it is. This might sound crazy but when I am 85 I want to work in a flower shop, thats my idea of retiring. Yes, so true what you said about shame on the ones who don't look out for their future. We don't have an employer so of course its non stop taking care of ourselves. Thanks for some straight forward advice. Cheers

    • Inspired to write profile image

      Dale J Ovenstone 6 years ago from Wales UK

      Thank you for your comment claptona, its about time folk took reponsibilty for their actions without relying too much on others.

      Regards Dale

    • claptona profile image

      John D Wilson 6 years ago from Earth

      Hi Inspired,

      Good Hub!

      You put the responsibility of "retirement" into the hands that it belongs to - individuals.

      With all the answers available on the net, everyone is full of excuses why it will not work for them.

      You have shown there is something for everyone.

      Good job.