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Retirement on a Shoestring

Updated on March 16, 2011


 Retirement on a shoestring by John Howells is the perfect book for someone that plans to retire with a small income or few assets.  It shows you various ways to stretch your money as well as locations that are cheap to live.


 Retirement on a shoestring is a great book for people whom will retire on a limited income.  The section that sets this book apart fro other retirement books is its ection on cheap living.  The authors drove around the country actually researching cheap areas to live and there is also information about living in foreign countries. 

The book shows you ways to spread your money without breaking the bank and shows alot of alternative living arrangements to help cut down on expenses.  A section on investments is very good as well and shows you some creative ways to make money.


 Retirement on a shoestring is a book that will show you many alternative ways to make money, live cheaply, and enjoy your retirement on a small budget.


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