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Review of Google Checkout

Updated on November 2, 2014

Google has created an alternative to PayPal

Most people on the web prefer to use the old favorite, PayPal for buying and selling anything online. There are other similar options available. One of these is Google Checkout. It is owned and operated by one of the largest internet companies in the world, Google. Even with the name to back them up, there are still many reservations from members using it. This a brief review of some of the pros and cons of the program.

This has not been much of a fan favorite and more than several horrible reviews are found around the web. Although there are numerous negative points of view, there are some things about the service which are positive to a few users. Both sides of the Google Checkout coin are outlined here. Take the time to review these and make your own decision about whether or not this is a financial positive or negative for your own personal use.


There are lower fees attached to transactions when seen side by side with similar companies. Enrollment is free.

The initial setup to use the service is identified as easier than PayPal and other online payment systems, for the most part. There are a few exceptions in the process which wouldn't fall under this easy bracket. These are limited to a select few users and are the exception and not the norm for the majority of users.

Countless customers admitted they discovered errors in charges on the merchant’s or sellers end of things which were not Google Checkout's fault. This is a positive for the company, but a negative for anyone buying services or merchandise using it.

There are immediate email notices of users transactions sent out. Knowing what is happening with an account is ideal for lots of merchants in various industries. Having this knowledge accessible immediately is wonderful for everyone using it. Additionally, as an individual buying something this is a receipt and confirmation all in one.

A couple of coupons exist around the web to lower transaction fees charged for products through certain merchants. A couple of years ago they gave each new customer $10 for trying Google Checkout. This practice has since disappeared, but generally other incentives are on the horizon for larger companies all the time.


Understand the pros and cons of financial decisions connected to this service


Buyers need an American address to become a member. Anyone with an out of country address is unable to use it. Compared with their competitor PayPal this is a large shortfall. PayPal is offered all over the U.S. and in 55 different countries.

This checkout method doesn’t work for anything you buy on EBay. Monies must be transferred to the merchant only via a credit card for EBay purchases.

You must have an account with Google to sign up. This is a hurdle for anyone not associated with them at this time or customers who wish not to be in the future.

There is only a fraction of the amount of stores working with Google Checkout when compared to PayPal. Nearly every online merchant selling with a checkout process uses PayPal and several other smaller alternatives along with them. Google doesn't have this same luxury. Unfortunately, lots of businesses were not in a hurry to bring them in for processing sales. They are still trying to expand their merchant base.

You cannot transfer money as gifts to other members like other web checkout entities.

Countless customers admitted the email notices received back for inquiries they made actually sounded “canned” and didn’t answer their issue. They seemed as if they came from a list of only 4 or 5 responses regardless of the actual concern on the email.

Returns are nightmares and tremendously tough because the merchant selling products doesn’t have the customer credit card info in nearly all cases. They need this information to process returns. The third party, Google, has what is needed and is highly uncooperative or helpful according to users. Customers are responsible for retrieving everything the merchant needs to make it possible to get a customer's money back. With a non-existent customer service at the company to assist with the overall process this is challenging and very infuriating. Most give up on the process after more than a few tries.

No live support for issues and concerns exist with this checkout provider. Users are sent to their help pages which simply loop around and around without resolution. This is more than a little frustrating and unprofessional in every individual reviewers opinion. No detailed info is located inside of the help pages sections to answer customer concerns.

Numerous customers complained of improper charges to their credit card for check out transactions. In these cases it takes days or weeks to correct the issues and credit accounts back. Lots admitted getting the correction made through their credit card company and not Google Checkout. The credit card company is a last resort after days and weeks of aggravation of trying to work with Google.

No contact number is found anywhere around the web to talk with live customer service reps for the company. Email messaging is the only way to connect. Live chat is not an option either.

Sellers or businesses have shared their experiences and also admit they have little if any protection from the company when selling to customers. Pending transactions are a major cause for concern. For an example, an email is sent confirming sale received. Sellers have actually shipped items to customers based on this info and days later they are advised customer claims chargeback. If item ships and a charge back done, any online company loses money. They are out of both merchandise and the monies.

Delay in getting payment from customer to business is quite frequent. Countless customers have admitted they received a confirmation email from the business and days later the merchant is still waiting to get paid. Because they are waiting for payment to process to them, they delay sending out merchandise.

They are unable to cancel orders after they have moved to a pending status in the company's computer system. The pending status stays for weeks in most cases. This is aggravating. Rather than wait days and weeks for products or services payments to process, countless users reorder from another checkout company and request cancellations under Google.

These cancellations eventually come through. This accounts for the large cancellation numbers under the business numbers. Not before users pay for a service or product more than once and hopefully are lucky enough to get their money back from Google Checkout.

In conclusion

One popular opinion website had a total of 23 reviews of the service. All but one was a negative complaint. This is 22 out of 23 users complaining about the company and their business practices. The largest dissatisfaction was the customer service provided. Other complaints included processing time, working with the merchants using Google and other related griping.

Scores of customers believe with a prominent name like Google, the evaluations could be better or more positive. Transitions to a process labeled Google Wallet is the alternative in the near future. Though, you never know if this one is actually better until you experience it for yourself.

Google Checkout may or may not make a return. When this piece was initially created they were still in business. In my personal opinion it was a good thing they did make a major overhaul and the name change was necessary no doubt because of the negative connection to the original. Good Luck in the future with your online payment system.

Buyers beware and make certain as a customer or seller you work with the right merchant for services such as these when handling your money.

Note: Google Checkout is retiring effective November 20, 2013 for these reasons and more. Google Wallet did not emerge and PayPal continues to be the online fan favorite checkout process for products and services.

© 2013 smcopywrite


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