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Rich man or poor man, it's a mind game

Updated on July 11, 2013

Before you open your eyes, smile


Be thankful first

Wake up, rise and shine. Let the mind game begin!

When you got up this morning, what was your first thoughts, positive or negative? Let's start with first thoughts of the day. Why, because that is how your whole day will proceed. If you get nothing else from this article but this one thing, you will have gained, yes SMILE when you wake up, even if you don't feel like it. Did you know that when you smile whether real or forced, the action contracts the facial muscles slightly and distorts the shape of the thin facial bones. The slight distortion leads to increased blood flow into the frontal lobes of the brain which increases the release of dopamine, a feel-good, motivational chemical. (Information obtained from Psychology Today: How chemicals control your thoughts and feelings. by Gary Wenk, Ph.D.)

Then while smiling and before getting out of bed, be thankful for five things. It could be a good nights rest, a family and/or friends to love, employment, health or it could be even more basic such as thankfulness for the use of electricity, a flushing toilet, a place to call home! It won't take that long to think of five things but once you have done that with a smile, you've started your day off on very good footing. It's so important, before you even put a foot on the floor that you realize you DO have a reason to be positive and happy. Thankfulness has to be real though, just saying you are thankful without the emotion behind it is empty and if you don't feel truly thankful then you aren't really, are you?

Thought energy is powerful


Why does thought matter?

You may think thought has nothing to do with how your life is going. After all, you can't detect a thought with your five senses, in fact a thought is totally undetectable to anyone but yourself, staying right inside you brain, right? Then what of prayer? Why is it, when things are at their worst do people, even those normally not inclined to, resort to prayer? Is that not in the hopes that their thoughts will be heard? Yes, of course it is.

Thought is the most dynamic energy on Earth because nothing proceeds without it. You can't live without thought as that is where brainwaves come from. Everything you see was once a thought...even the world and universe we live in. Every thought, if focused on, is not only heard by that which we do not see, but responded to. It may be easy to laugh at that previous sentence as we all know of thoughts that amounted to nothing, or at least we believe that, but let's look at it from a monetary view and see if maybe there is more to your thoughts then you knew.

Rich Man


Poor man


Are you in the right category?

People, generally speaking, see themselves in three categories: poor, middle class or wealthy. Although all these can be interpreted differently, such as a person of middle class may still feel they are poor in their mind, it's fairly safe to say we'd all enjoy being wealthier then we are. To be able to not struggle and worry and live from paycheck to pay check. To be financially free.

After acknowledging the category you are in now, would you say you are in the same category you were when you were young? If you said "No" and have moved into the "wealthy" category and have stayed that way for ten years then you are in the top 1% who can say that, and major kudos to you! Why did I say ten years? Because people see themselves in a particular category when it comes to money, and usually it is deep seated in the conditions of which they were raised. It's a mentality that is hard to shake...but it can be done. Those that, say, won the lottery rarely stay well off. Why? Because they don't see themselves as rich. Sure, for a short while they do, however, their old "conditioned thoughts" are ever present and therefore the abundance doesn't last. There is a myriad of reasons why this happens, but all are in their thought pattern such as, "I really don't feel I deserve to be rich," or "I better spend it while I have it" (which of course they don't have it for long), or "I have a good coupon for that item!"

Our thoughts send out messages, or prayers as it were, telling God, (Universal Mind) that this new infusion of money is not you, that you can not see yourself as a rich, abundant person. God,(Universal Mind) then reads your "poor" thoughts and since they are the dominant thoughts they are granted, like a genie it happens. Not usually in an instant, but before you know it, you are back to where you started. You didn't REALLY want to lose the money but instead of thinking rich, your thoughts were dominated by thoughts of not enough...of limitation.


What is luck?

The first sentence in the definition from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia is: Luck or chance is an event which occurs beyond one's control, without regard to one's will, intention, or desired result.

Do you see yourself as lucky? Why is it some people seem to have so much luck, while others are just plain unlucky and seem to have a rain cloud that follows them everywhere they go?

The secret? There is no such thing as luck because there is nothing that happens outside of your control. It is so much easier to believe in "lady luck" and hope for the best in your endeavors, but if you put your faith in luck, you'll lose, as all the gamblers who have lost everything due to their "luck" running out.

Luck is believing you can have or achieve something outside of yourself, that if the "powers that be" are pleased they will grant you riches. There is a power, and energy that DOES grant you this, but it's you and in your thinking, not anywhere else.


Become a money magnet through you thoughts


Law of attraction

You probably have heard of this term. As a whole we humans have given very little thought to it, but thought is what it's all about! It's how the lucky are lucky and the unlucky never win. The law of attraction states that "Like is attracted to like". In other words, if you project through your thoughts good, good comes back, project negative and you receive a negative response.

That sounds easy enough. So, you say, "I'll just think positive now and everything I want will appear!" Go ahead, try for a day to think only positive thoughts, try half a day, try for one hour! Positive thinking is not what we are conditioned for. We live through our senses and they tell us negativity is all around us. We hear people all around us who want us to "share" in their unhappiness. We see a small bank account and bills rising higher, we feel our aching body due to bad health, and use over-eating as a way to fill a void too big for taste to satisfy, and we rarely have time to smell the roses and enjoy all life has to offer.

Money comes to you, or doesn't through your thought about it; your feeling of abundance. When money is tight and there doesn't seem to be enough, you feel the lack and think about it a lot. So, in essence what you are doing is pushing it away because you are telling God (Universal Mind) that what you want is lack because that's what you think about all the time.

When you find that negative, auto-conditioned response creeping in, make yourself a "safe" thought. Something silly, and/or happy. I personally think of a silly song, and every time I start to feel negative I start singing to myself that silly song. It instantly takes away the negative thought so I can get on the right track again.

It's a constant waking vigil, watching your thoughts, and takes practice and determination to keep them on a positive path, but the rewards will change your world.

For more abundance to come into your life, you have to think MORE of abundance and less and less of lack. If you are interested in ways of changing your thinking from lack to abundance, see the link below for some great ways to start turning your thoughts around to feeling wealthy.

Think what you want to be


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