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Updated on August 30, 2009

Get Rich

You Have A right to be rich

Are you down financially? You say how can you ask are you rich yourself? Of course a good question. I am not that rich now but I am being made rich and my desire? I want us to join hands hey not that we create a company or join some venture together but that we all be joint to that source which causes wealth to come to us if we so desire.

I have come to realise the most important thing to desire is that we might have things in abundance that we might be able to live effectively on earth. But here comes the problem how can we access it? Must we deceitfully get from others? Because there is scarcity? Did God intent that there be scarcity on earth? We know that all things are possible to Him and He created all things so how comes we cannot afford most things?

Recently I started reading a wonderful book it has really changed my mind the way I look at things now. We have to enter the mind of God for us to enjoy His riches so please lets help ourselves cooperating with Him.

Read this book :

Here Is The BOOK

Download it free of charge print it out read it share it with someone else and before long we will have changed the world concerning riches.

I have started thinking in a way attuned to creative forces of God all around and I know before long my story will be very different and yours also.

Simple Way To Riches

Hope you have downloaded the book by Rebecca Fine I mentioned above.

It is amazing how using our minds correctly can greatly change things around us. I am not perfect yet but my life has improved alot.

Thought and Desire

What you do not desire you do not expect to have it. Just as my Bishop (President, Bishop David Oyedepo) use to say expectation is the mother of manifestation. You manifest what you expect.  All of us without exception desire to increase in one way or another but especially to be rich. The Irony comes as only a few do actually see the desire they are after and we ask ourselves how come only a few see increase? It is how we perceive it the desire has to marge with the image of our desire only the can the increase occur.

Therefore, as you desire to be rich please form an image to correspond to the desire otherwise yours will only be dreaming. It is not fate or luck it is the way we understand the interaction of the desire,thought process and the origin of the fulfillment all these taking in mind the source is that infinite One who's supply has no end so don't limit yourself to what you see. Let also not be limited by images of the surrounding environment but lets enter into the infinite MIND to draw from its our only source if you think otherwise may be may be that is the reason your desire has not been fulfilled coz God is waiting for you to do your part.

What do you think as of now? will continue next time.


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