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Jim Rogers: Rogers International Commodities Index fund

Updated on September 18, 2015

Rogers International Commodities Index fund

Just a little over a decade ago, commodities expert and investor billionaire Jim Rogers was looking for ways to invest in commodities which included a basket of commodities representing global consumption. After searching, he wasn't able to find that particular investment vehicle, and so decided to take it upon himself to design the Rogers International Commodities Index fund so investors like himself would have that opportunity. The fund is called the Rogers International Commodities Index fund, and has been very successful, especially when considering it started in 1998. It has enjoyed about a 20 percent annual return during a time when two economic bubbles burst, which interfered with the ongoing commodity bull market.

What is unique about the Rogers International Commodities Index fund is the way it's weighted. It not only includes the consumption habits of Americans in general or of regional parts of the country or only North America, but also adds to it Asian consumption habits like eating of rice, and other important raw materials and agriculture products consumed around the world.

Official and Recognized Commodity Exchanges

Another important aspect of the Rogers International Commodities Index fund is it only has commodities which are listed or traded on exchanges officially recognized around the world. That allows investors the peace of mind in knowing they can verify the performance of the individual commodities included in the Jim Rogers fund.

It also means the measured results can be trusted by investors, knowing they're under the rules of the exchanges themselves.

Jim Rogers Photo

Wide Variety of Commodities Tracked

One other valuable part of the Rogers International Commodities Index fund is the breadth of the commodities tracked, as it includes 35 commodities so it can offer a very accurate picture of the global consumption of commodities for those investing in the Rogers index.

What this does is give very accurate results so there isn't an odd measurement based on overly weighted commodities which can't sustain themselves over a period of time. This could result in them going way off if not weighted correctly in the commodity index fund of Jim Rogers.

Built to attract long term commodity investors

A particularly important and vital part of the way the fund is set up to me is in that it is built to attract long term investors, because of the number of commodities and the way they are weighted is for the purpose of stability over the long haul, as well as a consistent performance that can be counted on over the years.

That is proven out in its performance since it was launched, seeing it has returned just over 20 percent since it was started, and has been a consistent performer, as mentioned, in spite of the horrid economic conditions it has operated under in that relatively short time.

With the growing emerging markets and the recession declining slowly, it's certain that in the years ahead commodity index funds like Rogers International Commodities Index fund will do well for investors for a long time to come.


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    • profile image

      liberry 7 years ago

      how to invest in this rogers international commodities index funds? I try to find out how but no results could you help me


    • traderx profile image

      traderx 7 years ago from Las Vegas

      very interesting history on the fund - I had no idea its only been around since 1998, thanks

    • hubby7 profile image

      hubby7 8 years ago from Chicago

      Thanks you for all the information on the Jim Rogers Commodity Index Fund. I've been looking around for one to invest in and Jim Rogers just might be the one. I checked out your info., checked out just who Jim Rogers is, and your data came out with flying colors! Thanks again.