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SJK accounting services

Updated on November 24, 2011
Accouting Services SJK
Accouting Services SJK | Source

Accounting services

SJK is one of Montreal’s leading auditing and accounting services. The partners at SJK work diligently to provide top-notch services to individuals and businesses of all sizes at an affordable price.

History of SJK

Stein Jacobs Krolik—or SJK—began in 1954 as a small auditing and accounting firm in the Montreal area. Today, the company has grown to become a full-service professional business firm that caters to the needs of thousands of clients. SJK is known for forming close business relationships with their clients and providing added value above and beyond that of standard auditing and accounting services. SJK is recognized today as one of Montreal’s leading firms for business and financial planning.

Auditing and Accounting Services

The partners at SJK pride themselves on working with clients to plan for their financial success in many ways, but the real value is the time spent accurately communicating their recommendations to their clients to ensure proper understanding and implementation. Auditing and accounting services are by far the most sought after in the business world, and SJK takes providing these services to an unsurpassed level. The standard services offered in this field include the audit, review, and compilation of financial records, but can be extended to also include internal control reviews, cash flows, projections, and standardized bookkeeping.

Business Consulting

There comes a time for nearly any business when they require more than the standard auditing and accounting services. More often than not, business consulting services come into play when a company chooses—or needs—to grow and expand. During this time, SJK can offer ideas for new banking institutions, cash flow management, bookkeeping standards, or even ideas for new business ventures that will help clients increase their cash flow and create a more successful business. Although auditing and accounting services still play a crucial role in the success of the business, SJK strives to provide additional value through close business relationships with their clients.

Litigation Support

No matter how carefully a business is run, conflicts will occur. When clients find themselves in the midst of legal crises including customer lawsuits or tax problems, SJK is available to offer many different types of support. More commonly, however, the conflict lies within the business itself. The dissolution of a marriage between business partners or even conflicts over how to handle the death of a co-owner can create disputes that lead to tension between the remaining partners. SJK can provide advice on how to handle these situations and how to properly—and fairly—distribute the wealth of the company. This allows them to set a very high standard for competing auditing and accounting services.

Tax Planning

There is no argument that local and Federal tax laws can be tricky and hard to follow. SJK strives to ensure that all of their clients understand and legally follow the tax laws that apply to their businesses. Tax laws are ever-changing and often have a direct impact on Canadian-run businesses. Proper business planning for financial gain involves correctly managing a business’s direct cash flow and minimizing the amount of income tax that is required. SJK’s partners have extensive tax training and are able to correctly and efficiently manage business tax needs.

SJK is by far one of Montreal’s most recommended auditing and accounting services, but they are able to provide much more than this to their many clients—including tax preparation, business consulting and more.


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