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Sorting Through All the Make Money Online Scams

Updated on June 8, 2016

Making Money Online

Ok, so you've spent X amount of dollars on sites that promise you the moon, stars and money deposited into your account 24 hours a day while you' re sipping margaritas on your yacht.First of all you need to put your drink down and please get off that boat before they have you arrested for trespassing. Please tell me there are some people out there in cyberspace that have at least a little bit of common sense? There has to be or this Hub is a complete waste of time.

I'm going to put this gently but to the point. There is no way to somehow turn your computer on auto-pilot and watch money get deposited into your account. It just doesn't work that way. Now what will happen after you send your money to these sites is someone will be having money deposited into their account but it won't be you and the magician you sent it to just made it disappear and the sad part is you'll keep waiting and waiting.

So if you multiply your $20.00 times let's say 20 other people well Mr. Magician had $400.00 deposited into his account. Eventually Mr. Magician moves on, starts another site and repeats the process over and over again.Now you could do the same or you can try and do this thing the right way and believe me when I say this it can be done and it does work.

Let me give you some of my background. I've been on Hubpages for a longtime now. Look up my Hubs as they all date back a number of years. What happened was I took a couple of years to try and see if I could learn a way to make money online and I taught myself everything I know.

I make upwards of $10,000.00 a month(and it's growing)and I can show you how I do it. It's work and it grows the more you put into it. In other words if you're looking to make a ton of money overnight please go back to your daydream and I apologize for waking you.

As I said this takes work. You have to be proficient with a computer and be able to roll with the punches as there will be a few on your journey. Am I giving this information for free. No I'm not but what I will promise you is a way to take control of your life and live comfortably. You get what you put into it. The more you do the more you'll make. You can private message me on Facebook. My name is Randy Interbartolo

Pretty Easy to Say All of This Is Mine


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