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SSS Benefits Philippines: Social Security System Benefits

Updated on March 9, 2015

If you are under 60 and an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), a household worker, or an employee for any private organization, you are making monthly contributions to your Social Security System benefits account.

Find out here how to compute and access your SSS retirement benefits and the other types of benefits you may qualify for.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not affiliated with the SSS. This article shares publicly available information about SSS member's benefits. For answers to specific, individual questions visit your SSS branch or contact SSS hotlines.

The SSS: Some Basics

The SSS Retirement Benefit is an old-age pension or retirement pension. It is a lifetime cash benefit paid every month to a person 60 or older who has has retired or stopped working. Any senior Filipino can receive their monthly SSS pension, provided they have made at least 120 monthly contributions prior to the semester of their retirement. Recipients are also entitled to a "13th month pay" every December.

Filipino seniors who have not completed 120 months of contributions when they retire are entitled to receive a lump sum amount of 10% of their monthly pension benefits or P250, whichever is higher.

Below is a sample formula for how to compute your monthly pension.

Monthly Pension Computation

Monthly Pension = MP

Average Monthly Salary Credit = AMSC

Creditable Years of Service = CYS

  • MP = P300 + (20% of AMSC) + 2% of AMSC for each CYS in excess of 10 years
  • MP = 40% of the AMSC
  • MP = P1200 (if your CYS is at least 10 or more but less than 20)
  • MP = P2000 (if your CYS is 20 or more)

To calculate your MP, compute each of the above formulas. Your MP is the highest amount.


  • The AMSCand CYS are different for every employee as salaries vary over time.
  • Retirees have the option to receive the first 18 months' pension in one lump sum, minus a rate of interest calculated by the SSS.
  • The higher your SSS contribution and CYS, the higher your MP.

Can I Contribute to SSS Benefits?

If you do not work for a company or are self-employed, you can still become a member of the SSS and contribute to a benefits account. This is called a "voluntary contribution." All you have to do is:

  • Apply to become an SSS member.
  • Make monthly or quarterly contributions to your account.
  • See the SSS Contribution Table below to figure out how much to contribute based upon your income.

2015 Schedule of SSS Contributions

Other SSS Benefits: Disability, Sickness, Maternity, Death, Employee Compensation, and Loan

In addition to retirement benefits, members of the Social Security System are entitled to a range of other benefits.

  • The SSS Disability Benefit covers employees who cannot work due to partial or total disability and have paid at least one monthly contribution to the SSS before the disability took place. Disability benefits can be paid in two different ways: monthly pension or lump sum. Only members who have paid at least 36 monthly contributions to their account qualify for monthly payments. The lump sum payment is available to those tho have not paid the required 36 monthly contributions. Just like any other type of pension, the monthly cash benefit is computed based on the disabled member’s number of paid contributions and years of membership. According to SSS, the lowest monthly pension is P1000 for members with less than 10 credit years of service, P1200 for those with at least 10 CYS, and P2400 for those with at least 20 CYS.

  • The SSS Sickness Benefit is a daily cash allowance paid for the number of days a member is unable to work for a minimum of four days. Qualifying members must have paid at least three monthly contributions within the 12-month period prior to illness. In addition, all company sick leave pay for the year must have been used. SSS members are entitled to receive 90 percent of their average daily salary per day.
  • The SSS Maternity Benefit is for female members who cannot work due to recent childbirth or miscarriage. Female members who have contributed to her their accounts for three months during the past 12 months qualify for a daily cash allowance. Benefits are as follows: The member's average daily salary multiplied by 60 for a normal delivery or miscarriage or 78 for caesarean section delivery.

  • SSS Death and Funeral Benefits are available when an SSS member dies. Qualified beneficiaries and dependents (including parents) can receive death and funeral benefits. Anyone listed as a beneficiary in the member's SSS records can receive benefits, so it is important to be sure that beneficiary lists are kept current. There are two types of benefits for death and funeral: monthly pension and lump sum amount. According to the Social Security System, monthly pensions are granted only to the primary beneficiaries of a deceased member who had paid 36 monthly contributions before the semester of their death. The lump sum, on the other hand, is available to primary beneficiaries of a deceased member who had paid less than 36 monthly contributions before the semester of death. Secondary beneficiaries are entitled to a lump sum benefit. If the member was entitled to receive monthly pension benefits, their beneficiaries will receive 13th month payments in December.

  • All SSS members (employees and employers) are automatically entitled to Employee Compensation, or EC. These benefits cover temporary or permanent work-related sickness, disability, or injury.
  • SSS members may qualify for loans for home or business.

Do you know your SSS benefits?

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    • profile image

      aurelio 2 months ago

      I just want to know of the medical assistance sss can give to my daughter who is 16 years old and is my beneficiary who was confined last November 08, 2017 and was out November 12, 2017. Is there any medical assistance for the excess amount from the bill? thank you very much. God bless

    • profile image

      Gloria p herrera 6 months ago

      Dear sir

      I would like to know if I can still claim my benefits in gsis I am 76 years old now I am out of the country for 20 yearsI worked for dep Ed please help me thank you

      Gloria p herrera

    • profile image

      Joseph Patrick esteban 7 months ago

      I have no idea how much did I contribute with social security during the time I work with SM shoe Mary and PAGCOR........can u help methanks

    • profile image

      melisa 9 months ago

      i would like to ask if radaition treatment since it is out patient will my leave be covered with SSS?Thankyou

    • profile image

      voltaire 9 months ago

      would like to know of the medical assistance sss can give to my grandmother who is 90 years old and is a beneficiary of my grandfather who was a navy. She is in the hospital today and the bill is running 150K. Thank you

    • profile image

      Lorline 10 months ago

      I just want to ask how long will I wait for the realease of the funeral claims of my late husband which I had filed last February 2017, a week after his interment? Because according to others who had also claimed the same benefit, it won't take long time. Other even said, it only take a few days after they submitted the requirements. I hope I can get answer of this problem of mine soon. Thank you.

    • profile image

      Nazareth R.Mabanta 11 months ago

      If self employed widow member who has contributed a total of 379 number of contribution in the bracket of 16 k,and who has n't claim any benefits,dies few months before retiring age,will the independent children can claim for other benefits aside from burial?Concerning soo much of my contributions in vain,may i know your reply.Thank you and more power...

    • profile image

      Frank 14 months ago

      I think my contributions were for about 8 years only. I will be 75 years old in January 2017. Can I add voluntary contributions to qualify for a pension?

      Thank you

    • profile image

      tere morales 18 months ago

      what are the needed requirements for receiving pension after death?

    • profile image

      Lovely 2 years ago

      May question po ako about Sickness Benefit. I’m currently employed at nagfile po ako ng sickness benefit para sa two months na nakaleave ako due to an operation for Ovarian cyst.

      Nadenied po yung claim ko at ang Remarks: FILING BEYOND THE ONE YEAR PERIOD - LATE FILING * INVALID RECORDS.

      Ang confinement period ko po ay 08-09-2014 to 10-07-2014 (signed by my doctor) at nagfile ako ng claim nung 06-03-2015 (eto ung nsa claim form ko sa SSS site). I think June 3 is pasok pa rin po sa 1 year period so di ko po maintindihan kung bakit naging late .

      Then ano po ang ibig sabihin ng INVALID RECORDS. Records ko po ba to sa hospital or sa SSS.

      Then naiadvance na po ng company ko yung claim. Since na denied po sya kailangan ko po ba to bayaran pabalik sa company. Kasi I’m not sure na kaya kong bayaran ung 2 months claim ko.

      May chance pa po ba na ma- approved tong SSS benefit claim ko?

      Thank you.



    • profile image 2 years ago

      maam/sir i have a problem with my previous employer. wala po yung posting ng date of balik na ako for 3 years na sa sss.Ano po dapat gawin..wala po responce.pwedi po ba huwag nang isali yung previous kac nadamay na di ako makakuha ng id or loan..

    • profile image

      Evelyn Q .Basilan 2 years ago

      Hello po,Ako po ay benificiary ng aking asawa ,na cut po ang aking monthly pension at kailangan daw pong mag renew ng application to prove that the benificiary is still alive.Ask ko lang po kung anong require na dalahin sa SSS para ma activate uli akong makatanggap ng aking monthly pensions from my husband...thank you po..

    • profile image

      Nenita Allmaras 2 years ago

      Nakatira na ako dito sa USA, at may 6 years contribution ako sa SSS. May makukuha pa rin ba akong benefits kung na reach ko yong edad na 65.

    • profile image

      Ivy cunanan 2 years ago

      Hello ask ko lang po kung pede pumirma ung first ob ko sa ob history for mat 1? Kasi maselan po yung pagbubuntis and sa nueva ecija kasi ako last nanganak. And andito ako sa pampanga ung first ob ko andito di sa pampanga para sana di na akomagbyahe. Pwede ba yun? Thanks really appreciate if makatanggap po ako nang reply. Thanks and godbless

    • profile image

      reena lauta 2 years ago

      i give birt jan 8 i already past my mat1and2 but until now ders no confrmtion from sss i reg to 2600 but my status no maternity file!!!HELP

    • profile image

      ednah marie 2 years ago

      i just want to ask about my deceased mother's sss status..she died on Oct.11,1999..she was a former ofw for along time,My sister gave every reciepts and important sss papers of my mother to my uncle and when i asked him just recently if did he claim it,he said he didn't...can i know my mother's sss status?and can we still claim it even it's a long time ago?please i need your help

    • profile image

      marianeth 2 years ago

      My mother inlaw 81yrs old and incapacitated and member o SSS with in 6yrs.what are the requirements of the SSS disability?

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 2 years ago

      I suggest po you apply personally at SSS to know if your records will make you eligible for it. God bless!

    • profile image

      yols 2 years ago

      tanong ko lang po kasi po naoperahan po ako ng taong 2012 sa mayoma nag apllyt po ako ng disability sa sss ang inaprobahan po ay sickness,pde pa ba akong mag aplly ulit ng disability ngayun na operahan po ako sa edad na 44 ngayun po ay mag 48 taon na sa darating na september pde pa po ba ako maraming salamat po.

    • profile image

      robin bonito 2 years ago

      ask kulang if pede ko pang makuhanan ng SSS ang mother ko if 59 na sya..???

    • profile image

      shalimar 2 years ago

      Can i removed my husband as a benefiary in my sss we are 3. years separated now and he is living now with another woman with 2 kids

    • profile image

      olivia 2 years ago

      Tanong ko lang po, ang member ng SSS na namatay ay may asawang foreigner at may anak sila at presently living abroad, anu po ba ang proseso sa pag file and death claim na dapat gawin para ma claim sa anak ang benefits since nasa abroad po sila? Hope anyone can answer , thanks and God Bless!

    • profile image

      mia 3 years ago

      ask ko lng po, how do i know na tama po ang binibigay nang company pinapasukan ko kpag nag maternity leave ako pag normal..? panu ko po ma sure na tama ang benefits na binibigay base sa SSS.. may i ask some example kung magkanu ang makukuha ko s SSS? i need further explaination po,,, ayoko ko lng po maisahan..thnk you

    • profile image 3 years ago

      Ask ko lang po kc po nagfile po ung asawa ko mg paternity leave nung october 2014 tpos po nanganak po ako ng nov30 2014 kelan nia po makukuha ung paternity leave nia at cheque po ba ito?thank you

    • profile image

      mary010915 3 years ago

      Please sent me a copy of E-1 form of sss no. 08-0796374-8 and how many no. of beneficiary he is... Thanks... May God bless you...

    • profile image

      shynmie 3 years ago

      hello,i am advised by my OB to rest coz of subchorionic hemorrhage in my abdomen. i just wanna ask if i can apply for sick leave? thank you and God bless

    • profile image 3 years ago

      Where can I get a record of my father who's already dead now for 11 years? I need a copy of list of beneficiaries to use in my birth certificate , which I have a problem with it..

    • profile image

      CCameron 3 years ago

      Good day. I am scheduled for an operation next month. my doctor said i will be only confine in the hospital for 24 hours and i can go home already. i am a self-employed member and have contributing for a year. Will i be entitle of the sickness benefit? thank you.

    • profile image

      ester 3 years ago

      what to do when a pension is stopped for several months.

    • profile image

      Rey 3 years ago

      I have two (2) SSS Cards having worked for two companies. In 2006 (or 2007) I found this out in Boac, Marinduque SSS office and was told that SSS will consolidate these two accounts into one and will be issued one (1) card. The records in my first job in a Spinning Mills in Marikina (for 5 years) showed different Company Name and was told by the provincial office said that they look into it by referring back to the original "Microfilm". I came back in the said office on May 2014 and still the said problem is still not verified and/or rectified. This is seven years ago and still the "problem is still a problem". I am 74 years old now and I want to have my pension that I am entitled to. If I lack some year/s of contribution - I am will to pay it as the law requires.

    • profile image

      kcorpuzk1 3 years ago

      Good morning po... sana po matulongan ninyo ako

    • profile image

      vhannie andrade 3 years ago

      Hi gud day :) my father died last nov. 4, 2011 and until now my mother is not yet receiving her pension, she always go to SSS lucena city only concern is that they are not doing their job very well...imagine its almost 3 years and yet my mother is not receiving the benefit...will u please alarm your personnel in that branch...thank u

    • profile image

      Flore 3 years ago

      Sino po ba ang mka claim ng Lump sum ng kapatid ko hindi po sila kasal ng leave inn partner niya din namatay din ung anak niya...ang mama ko ba ang mkakakuha non o ang leave inn niya?

    • profile image

      pia petalio 3 years ago

      What document do I need to prepare so that my sss death and funeral benefit would be claimed by my siblings and not my legal husband, who is the primary beneficiary bec. he got the marriage contract.

      what if i dont want him to claim it in case of my death? Pls help me on what to do before my death..

    • profile image

      adlinmac.. 3 years ago

      i stopped working na and I not paying my monthly contributions I just want to know if i am entitled pa po to have a pension when I reached 60 years old

      i worked for 26 years in a private company

    • profile image

      pau 3 years ago

      hi po… i just file for the death benefit claims of my father and ive been disappointed on their kind of processing. i just give them all the requirments legal identification as a primary beneficary even an authorization letter with sign of my brothers to sign any documents to sss to claim the death benefits of our father. and this are the requirments that they want me to submit to them death certificate of my father parents, marriage contract of his parents and affidavit of legal heirs(withnes nearest relatives). i dont know what is the connection of this requirments of claiming the benefits of my father kahit na kami na ung primary legal beneficiary nya and ito pa even that i have my NSO original birth certificate kylangan pa nila tingnan sa E1 ng father ko kung kami ang nakalagay na beneficiary nya and for everybody information pinbabalik nila ako ng 1 to 2months just to check the E1 at E4 of my father(what a jurrasic era). my question is ganito po ba tlaga ang pagprocess ng death benefits claim lalo ng kung legal primary dependent naman ang nagfile at my mga proof of legal documents nman e kaylangan pa po ba ng documents ng secondary benefeciary? panu po kung sa E1 0 E4 nya wla syang beneficiary kanino mapupunta ung pinaghirapan ng father ko? minsan po talaga iniisip ko kung my logic pa sila sa paghingi nila ng mga requirments... thank u and more power po

    • profile image

      elaine 3 years ago

      hi for the sss mat 1&2 benefits, can you still file if you gave birth the same year? for example my friend gave birth jan of 2010 and got a job 9 months after giving birth same year, can she file a mat 2 benefit? but before giving birth she doesn't have any job experience.. please reply its a big help for my friend tnx :)

    • profile image

      luansingb 3 years ago

      kelan po kaya dadating ang ang maternity reimbursement ko? may 1monnth n po ako nakakapagpasa

    • profile image 3 years ago

      sir bkt po kya hanggang ngayon wla pdin ang pension ng tatay q sa sss 4 bwan na po

    • profile image

      cresencio p go jr 3 years ago

      ask q lng po yung monthly pension ng father ko mula po kc month of may this year wla pa po syang nakukuha

    • profile image

      annabelle rosales 3 years ago

      how to refund the sickness benefits of my husband?what are those rrquirements needed?

    • profile image

      michelle 3 years ago

      i gave birth last july 23 2014, my monthly salary from jan to june 2014 amounted to 119,000.00. how much will be my maternity benefit?

    • profile image

      limmaritess 3 years ago

      Hopefully po sss will increase the amsc amnt to 20 t so we have the option to contribute more.This will benefit us in the future anyway.Specially the ofw . Thanks po

    • profile image

      Rossgene Solis 3 years ago

      how long can i receive my sickness,i filed it to our company last 4 months ago..if you rea this message please email me to my email

    • profile image

      glaiza 3 years ago

      how many weeks or months my maternity benefit will send to me? i filed it last may 6 2014.. thanks

    • king-Archer profile image

      king-Archer 3 years ago from Cebu City

      hi, i had an operation last November 22 because I had an ectopic pregnany, and my right fallopian tube was removed because It was ruptured. I completed submitting all my Docs that includes MAT1 and 2 with my EMPLOYER, my supervisor and HR had given me 60 days for ML, I reported at work January 22, 2014. and i checked on my advancement maternity benefit. HR sais that the papers are still in SSS MAKATI. (WHAT) YES its been two months and not able to receive the sss mat advancement. Now last week of January I claimed my SSS MAT1 and 2 with 78 days ML approved by medico legal and signed DEcEMBEr 10, 2013. My employer did not give me the 78 days ML. what action shall I do, i want it to be credited with my leave, so i made an absences during the days covered with my 78 days and the company terminated me for this reason. ABSENCES, what about my 78 days? of the REMAINING 18 days? no justice and answers for this.... and now I had submitted this with NLRC. national labor relations commission. I need your opinion with this case. thanks!!!

    • profile image

      king_archEr 3 years ago

      hi, i had an operation last November 22 because I had an ectopic pregnany, and my right fallopian tube was removed because It was ruptured. I completed submitting all my Docs that includes MAT1 and 2 with my EMPLOYER, my supervisor and HR had given me 60 days for ML, I reported at work January 22, 2014. and i checked on my advancement maternity benefit. HR sais that the papers are still in SSS MAKATI. (WHAT) YES its been two months and not able to receive the sss mat advancement. Now last week of January I claimed my SSS MAT1 and 2 with 78 days ML approved by medico legal and signed DEcEMBEr 10, 2013. My employer did not give me the 78 days ML. what action shall I do, i want it to be credited with my leave, so i made an absences during the days covered with my 78 days and the company terminated me for this reason. ABSENCES, what about my 78 days? of the REMAINING 18 days? no justice and answers for this.... and now I had submitted this with NLRC. national labor relations commission. I need your opinion with this case. thanks!!!

    • profile image

      chello 3 years ago

      ask ko lng po.ndi po b nmin make claim ang funeral ng tatay nmin kung wlang employer na nkalagay.pero may contribution nmn po xa.1 buwan na po kse mahigit.

    • profile image

      neslie 3 years ago

      Gud eve hub.gusto q lng mlaman qng maavail pa ba ng byenan q ang burial ng asawa nya na nine years ng patay.hndi nya raw po kc alam ang gagawin nya..snay mbigyan mo ng pancn at kasagutan ng tanong ko.mraming salamat..

    • profile image

      Gemini 3 years ago

      a husband is receiving his monthly pension from the decease wife's sss, will he still he able to continue receiving his pension even if he remarry again at the age of 7o?

    • profile image

      tina_leo1128 3 years ago

      Hi,,how many times can i avail the maternity benefits if the delivery is caesarian??

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 3 years ago

      Go to the SSS office that handles your membership and update your account. If you are legally separated, submit the supporting docs

    • twentyfive profile image

      twentyfive 3 years ago

      I suggest you continue your SSS membership because your benefits like pension in the future are important and helpful. For Philhealth, if you're unemployed, you can be a dependent too or voluntary member.

    • profile image

      Kate 3 years ago

      Hi! I am separated for 15 years and he abandoned me and my 2 kids and has his own family . I would like to remove him as my beneficiary from my SSS. What actions will I do so he cannot claim anything from SSS? Thanks.

    • profile image

      Millie 3 years ago

      I have an existing SSS & Philhealth membership from my job. But when I got married and relocated, I wasn't sure how to proceed. Do I continue with my own membership or do I qualify as my husband's dependent? If I update as a dependent, what will happen to my old membership? T.Y.? Please advise on the better option, thank you!

    • profile image

      mandy 3 years ago

      On Sept 6,1985 the company I'm working closed up.Since then, I continue paying my contribution as voluntary member even though

      that I worked with family corporation.I'll will be 60 years this April. I'm planning to claim my SSS retirement. What are the documents needed to present to SSS in order to get my monthly pension. Also

      I like to know if the company I'm presently working will give me a retirement pay since I worked for 13 years. What will be the basis for

      Thank you

    • profile image

      Loreta Masiglat Albufera 3 years ago

      Good Day... inquiring my son's dead claim benefit TERENCE

      LAWRENCE MASIGLAT ALBUFERA, SS#0433506126, filed at SSS Lucena Grand Term. Lucena City, Submitted all personal documents & other required papers with stamping by ss personnel & received acknowleged dated December 20, 2013, given 45 days to process, upon requiry to SS Lucena Office told it was send to SSS San Pablo City to process. Until now i haven't received any. Can't contact SS San Pablo Office #562 9289 & call center 9177 7777 . Hope you can send me on what status is my death claim now? Thanks.

    • profile image

      catherineaquino 3 years ago

      Hi Good day !

      Na curious lang po ako about sa benefits sa sss nakwentohan po kase ako ng manager ko sa jollibee about maternity benefits sa sss ! concern lang po ako may makukuha pa po ba akong benefits nag give birth po ako last july 24 2014 ??

      Thanks a lot :)

    • profile image

      cathrineaquino 3 years ago from makati city

      Hi Good day po !

      Actually po ngayon lang po ako nag sign up here na concern po kase ako about sa benefits sa sss kase yung manager ko date sa jollibee na kwento saken about sa maternity benefits nag give birth po ako last july 24 2014 actually 7 months na po baby ko may benefits pa po ba akong makukuha? until now wala pa po akong work ! thanks a lot .

    • profile image

      wena 3 years ago

      ask ko lang po patay na ang member ng sss pero di nila declared s sss kasi yung anak niya ang kumukuha pa rin ng pension. pwede ba ang ganon o ilegal ito. maraming salamat po

    • profile image

      jaja 3 years ago



      Death Certificate of Member duly registered with Local Civil Registry Office

      Official Receipt/Contract (if not yet buried) issued by the Funeral parlor or certificate of Ownership for prepaid memorial plan

      Filer's Affidavit (Sinumpaang Salaysay) to be accomplished by the person actually filing the claim (sa sss to kinukuha)

      Waiver - if the claimant is not the one named in the official receipt(kung ung nakalagay sa resibo ng funeral parlor ay hindi ung magfile ng funerla claim, kailangan ng waiver)the authentic identification (w/ signature) of the one waiving the benefit

      New Residence Certificate of the filer(cedula)

      Any valid I.D. of the filer (e.g. Voter's/Company ID, TIN, NBI, Police Clearance)

      SSS Digitized ID of deceased Member

    • profile image

      wheng tenoso 4 years ago

      Can I still get a maternity benefit if i don't pay my sss contribution for almost 5 years.

    • profile image

      Alphaland 4 years ago

      hi good day! I just want to ask this to you: I already claimed 3 maternity leave to my three living kids, I also file one micarriage without MAT-1, now I had another miscarriage. Can I still file for another Miscarriage without MAT-1? Thank You. I will highly appreciate your response on my comment.

    • profile image

      Zya 4 years ago

      hi and good day.. ask ko lng po kung pwede ko po ba ereklmo ang pingtatrahuan kong recruitment firm kasi piakuha ako ng sss number at philhealt peru hanggang ngyun dipa rn cla ngbbyad

    • profile image

      la-arni 4 years ago

      i'm newly hired employee, pregnant and will be due on april 2014 my sss contributions are updated until dec 2013 from my previous employer how will I claim my maternity benefit?? To whom will I submit my notification since my previous employer didn't submit maternity notification for me??? pls. need your help asap, Thanks.

    • profile image

      myla d.vidallo 4 years ago

      how long can i receive my mat 2 benefits for example if i olready passed it last january 17,2014

    • profile image

      lani 4 years ago

      hi., i just want to ask if i can still avail my maternity leave on my 5th baby bcoz the 2 of my kids i wasn't able to avail the maternity benefits due to i have no work that time when i first gave birth and for the 2nd baby lack of contribution thats why i avail only for my 3rd and 4th baby... hoping for ur accurate answer... thank u so much and more power.

    • profile image

      harry 4 years ago

      maam gud afternoon! Maitanong ko lang kasi iam planning to file an early retirement with my company. My age is 51 yrs old. At my current salary receive is 20,000php. At the age of 60 if God will permit me to reach that age how much would be my pension then?

    • profile image

      ishmael lopez 4 years ago

      my sister became widowed at age 60 and after 5 years, at age 65 she got married. But then she still continue receiving pension until the present time in behalf of her deceased husband. Pls comment.

    • profile image

      mille 4 years ago

      tanong ko lang po kung ano ang mga dokumentong kailangan kung paano makukuha ng nanay ko ang death claim ng tatay ko kung masa canada sya.canadian citizen po kasi ang nanay ko.att ang mga kapatid ko kasama na nh nanayy ko sa canada.ano po ang kakailanganing dokumentong kailangan kong ayusin para sa pagbakasyon nya dito sa phillippines ay maayos na agad ang mga dokumento.2 weeks lang sya dito babalik na ng canada

    • profile image

      mayumi ramacola 4 years ago

      Hi,hope some one from the SSS can help me ,I.m a widow of Ramon Ramacola looking some help to claim the benefits of my children,but I can go back home right now because I'm under contract.I want to claim their SSS benefits co'z this a big help for salary as an O F W was not enough .so this was a big chance for them to help me for every day they need.How I can claim this while I'm here ? what I need to do me?

    • profile image

      Confused 4 years ago

      Good morning! May i ask if can i still claim my maternity benefit if my current sss status is married then i am planning to use my maiden name for my soon to be child on the birth certificate since my husband and i have been separated but not yet annulled and he is not the father of my child.

      I badly needed your advise.

      Thank you so much.


    • profile image

      question 4 years ago

      dear twenty-five,

      last october 10, 2013, i was involved in a traffic hit-and-run incident. i suffered from hematoma, contusion, and concussion---all head injury. i was confined and released 2 days aftes as my CT scan was negative if any blod clot. I returned to my doctor for check up on oct 18 and he declared me fit to work on oct 19 even though i was still dizzy (i suffer from vertigo until now)... i did not question his authority and went to work. My work entails that i sit down and read 7 hours a day. the difficult part was coming to work and walking to my station as i was still a bit dizzy then. Well, my bf sacrificed a lot by driving me to and from work.

      when the hospital finally released my documents for sss on oct 31, 2013, the form went directly to the person in charge in my company.. it went to sss and i was told on nov 20 that sss approved the 30-day sick benefit that my doc (unbeknown to me) approved. I couldn't believe what i heard as i had the return to work slip for oct 19..

      it was too late.i came to talk to my doctor and found out that he made a mistake in writing the month.. instead of 11-19-2013, he wrote 10-19-2013 on my return to work slip.

      now, i would like to ask, will. still be entitled to get my 39 day credit even if i returned to work? i felt a liitle injustice as i really needed that rest but was deptrived of it.

      i spoke to our HR officer here and i was told that double compensation cannot be done... but it was not my error. i feel that i cannot accept that they took away what is legally mine. Please email me at


    • profile image

      tony 4 years ago

      Dear Twenty-Five:

      In 1972, I left my job and lived abroad, leaving 66 months of continuous contributions which have already been documented with my previous employer and per record at SSS Office. I continued making voluntary contributions (all receipts intact) up to the present since few years ago. I will be able to complete the minimum of 120 months of voluntary contribution at the age of 79 on May, 2016. How many more months I will have to wait (from May, 2016) before I could file an application for pension? Your explanations in this regard is deeply appreciated. Thank you.

    • profile image

      Jesseryl 4 years ago

      Hi, i became a member of SSS last 2009 since i started working in a hotel as a minimum wage earner. On May 2011 i resigned and my contributions was cut from there. So i had a 2 year remittance. My question is, am i entitled or can i apply for a maternity benefit? Your advice will highly be appreciated. Thanks a lot!

    • profile image

      Maria Crispina m. Hernando 4 years ago

      Hi!i just started my SSS this October 2013.and I just found out that I'm pregnant,due on July or August a physician, with monthly contribution of I already entitled to have maternity benefits?if yes,how much would it be?what are the requirements and when am I going to file it?thanks a lot!

    • profile image

      ecjoy 4 years ago

      Hello there!I'm a self employed and I had my miscarriage last OCT.5,2013.My husband filed my Maternity Benefit.All requirements were given.But then when I checked it online,it was **DENIED*** As of Nov.4,2013.


      What shoud I do now regarding this matter? me. Thanks

    • profile image

      Joelle 4 years ago

      I guess twenty-five is busy nowadays since most of the questions have no replies!

    • profile image

      ina 4 years ago

      Could you please tell me what are the requirements to refund my sss sickness benefits thanks

    • profile image

      nelson q.sia 4 years ago

      at age 60 w/ complete 120 months can received pension at age 60, self-employed w/ income from propertyu like boarding house, apartments and store under his name

    • profile image

      violeta violy v.castro 4 years ago

      can you give the registry number of california post office?

    • profile image

      sharina 4 years ago

      Hi! I personally filed my mat1 for maternity benefit is sss since im already resigned. one of the requirement is L501 specimen signature card that i should get from my previous employer. The situation is I resigned cause i dont want to make any scandal in our office and i dont want them to know that im pregnant. Should i ask for L501 will they know that its already for maternity or there are still other reasons why should i get one? Is L501 only required for maternity benefit?

      can you email me the answer? that will really help. thanks!

    • profile image

      Yamet 4 years ago

      Hi Twentyfive, is there such thing as early withdrawal of my contributions/funds and then start all over again,as in back to zero.I've already contributed 161 months already and im 42 yrs old now.I think im still qualified to complete another 120 required minimum months of contribution even if i start now.Please enlighten me coz i just want to use my fund for now.

    • profile image

      MYRNA RICKEY 4 years ago

      I'm in the US. Is there any way I can receive my SSS retirement benefits (pension) without going back to the Philippines?

    • profile image

      Brenda 4 years ago

      Hi! I just wanna ask if what i need to do i misplaced the copy of my maternity 1 form copy with the stamp of the sss personnel, now that i already gave birth and i need to process my maternity 2 but it is one of the requirements. Can you advise me if what to do please.


    • profile image

      tracy 4 years ago

      hi im pregnant and im giving brth this feb2014 and im going 1 year to my compny how much do i get on my maternity tnx..

    • profile image

      luz 4 years ago

      Am I qualified to avail of partial disability benefit even if I no longer remit monthly premiums for 4 years now? I have been a contributing member for 20 years before I stopped paying my monthly contribution.

    • profile image

      Bebeth 4 years ago

      Hi I was operated last September 2013- total abdominal hysterectomy, i apply for disability benefit at SSS office but i was denied due to my age (49) the Doctor from SSS said i can only avail the sickness benefits. Is there really an age limit to avail the disability? I'm still working and the reason of the organ removal is due to adenomyosis.

    • profile image

      priscilla sanjuan 4 years ago

      ood evning....yes, i read some of sss member they have problem about the members benefit,like me,yes i say that.first my husband die last 2003 i processed all papers dr,cert funeral bill, all,,they say wait okay i wait till now, waitng,,,second, my bro,die last june 30 2013,,,he is single at the age of 44,,,and ...his papers are complete and we file it in sss,then,their asking about the parents marriage it sure needed?,,,iam also sss menber....i want to know,the possible important sure ..not, to have the same thing problem,,,,,please,,i am 54 years old now,,,,,and i dont want my kids to have u said we die just one time....please reply

    • profile image

      gee 4 years ago

      hi im an employee working for 5 months to present and i got pregnant much will i get benefits when i gave birth on february?

    • profile image

      Shine 4 years ago

      Hi, I just want to ask if you have any idea if SSS will honor the Special Power of Attorney executed by my sister in law who is working as a domestic worker in Qatar to allow my dad to process their death claim ( pension ) for my deceased brother on her behalf since she's unable to do so because of her job. As of now she has no day off yet. We were able to claim the funeral benefit ( Php20,000) since we have coordinated with the funeral company. Now, all necessary requirements are ready for submission to SSS. I was even assigned as legal guardian of my neice and nephew ( 13 and 7 years old respectively ), an affidavit and confirmation of legal guardianship was also executed naming me as legal guardian. They are under my care now. My sister in law wasn't able to attend my brother's internment due to her current employment and limitations. Now, I just want to check with you maybe you have an idea if this is possible since I know for a fact that my sister in law is still alive and not sure if the collection office of SSS in Qatar will be able to assist my sister in law just in case SSS will reject the SPA executed by her to authorize my dad to process the death claim on their behalf. Your answer is highly appreciated!

    • profile image

      Roy Escala 4 years ago

      Good Day. I have a brother (borned 1963)who is a polio victim since childhood. He can not walk and uses only wheelchair for his mobility. He was an SSS beneficiary(as disabled) of my late father. Until my father died, the benefit was stopped due to the doctor in Bacolod that disqualify and discontinue him to be a beneficary due to the reason that he (my brother) still can eat by his own. Is there any way to reinstate him as beneficiary if ever the SSS policy allows it? He is a permanent disabled person? thanks for any reply from here.

    • profile image

      Pj 4 years ago

      hi Sir,

      ask ko lang po . matagal ng patay yung lolo ko and hndi namin alam yung sss no. nya wala din kmeng makitang documents na pwdeng magpakita sami ng sss no. nya.

      question: Possible po ba na malaman namin ang sss no. nya ? kung possible pano po ang process? many thanks in advance sir. sana po matulungan nyo ako.

    • profile image

      asutton 4 years ago

      saan ko makikita yung sbr? naghulog ako ng contribution sa bayad center .. pero hndi ko naipasa sa sss yung rs-5 na resibo.. nagtry ako mag fill up ng online pero diko alam ano yung sbr number kung saan ko makikita..may nilagay ako number na may sss T# ... but invalid number daw kaialangan kopa ba dapat ibigay ang resibo at any branch ng sss to verify yung hulog ko?

    • profile image

      elaine 4 years ago

      I dialed your contact numbers 2213536; 2217751 Loc 107 but no one could assist my concern about contributions because Ms. Agnes is not on duty today. Anyway, my concern is my previous employer was an agency named AMB Staffing Services, Inc. located its main office in Mandaue City and branch office in Davao City. AMB Staffing Services, Inc. hired me last February 8, 2013 and ended March 31, 2013 because of the benefits not properly contributed. Then we transferred another agency named Starboard Manpower Services, Inc. last April 1, 2013 until present.

      When I checked via online my SSS Contributions, I’ve found out that there were no contributions on February 2013 and March 2013 but it should be indicated there because I have completely passed the requirements upon my employment.

      Can you please help me to solve this? Because the AMB agency keep on reasoning that I was belong to my co employees who still have invalid numbers in their SSS.

      Do I have to wait for my co-employees to correct their invalid numbers?

      May I know what you can do to them or May you help me to suggest what to do so that the AMB agency will accomplish my needs as soon as possible?

      The manager of Starboard Manpower Services, Inc. told me personally that our previous agency/ employer did not turn over the benefits of the employees to them.

      My SSS ID # is 09-3341565-2.

      please reply asap or call me at 0942-5910-364.

    • profile image

      mvic 4 years ago

      just want to ask if there's expiration in applying for maternity?tnx

    • profile image

      gina @ 53 4 years ago

      hi just want to ask if i can be a sss member even i'am already in my mid 50's? thank you.

    • profile image

      ysai 4 years ago


      i had remitted SSS contribution for almost 8 years from 1999-2007 then i stop paying, can i withdraw all my payments?

    • profile image

      Karen924 4 years ago

      Hi Sir/Madam,

      Good day!

      I would like to inquire on how I can claim my Maternity Benefit. Currently I am working here in Abu Dhabi, UAE as an Engineer. I almost 9months pregnant and due this coming October 2013. Also, I am a member of SSS under OFW category.

      I would like to ask favor if you can please send me the following requirements needed to claim my Maternity Benefit. And to where we can go to process it. Also, we would like to know if how many days approximately we can get the said Payment and how much is my Maternity Payment.

      Hope you can help me about this matter and hope to hear from your end.

      Your quick response would be highly appreciated. Thanks alot and more power!

    • profile image

      sheena 4 years ago

      hello, i just need some help or advice in my mom situation,

      my father and my mom married so as my dad first wife also,, they are separated long time ago coz my father caught her first wife having an affair to other man, but the first wife and my father is not legally separated in papers, my mom and dad are also legally married too.. but my father left us when i was young,, we dont know what happen to him, he just say his going to mindanao to fix some of the land he own there but after he left us we never heard anything from him,,,my mom thought my father is dead that time,, im 28 now he left us when i was 2 years old,i already talk to my father once before i leave the country but we talk trough phone only,,,,

      till facebook came up and i found my half bro. and sis. and telling me the pension is supposed to receive my mom not their mom,,coz their mom is having unaffair to other man,,, is it possible my mom can get the pension of my dad?? my mom never married again or have any affair to other man,,im only one daughter,,, pls, help,,,,, thanks