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Stocks Ready To Skyrocket! AAPL, DAL, WAG

Updated on August 19, 2014


I am a successful trader and I believe that you should buy the following stocks right now before everyone else bags the profits.

AAPL- Apple

This is a great fortune 500 company and they are going to have the iwatch and the new iphone coming out soon. Stock price is already over $100, and it will only keep climbing higher since the product is in high demand. Right now the price is also very attractive!

DAL- Delta Airlines

Another great fortune 500 company. This company has been in business for a while and the Airlines have been showing some good recovery recently. So now I am hopeful the stock price will keep going up. The price point looks good as well!

WAG- Walgreen Company

Once again, this fortune 500 company has been around forever. It has been focusing on customer service and making customers happy. Although they have some competition from companies like CVS, I doubt that they are going anywhere. Walgreen company has been great at giving regular ongoing dividends, so they definitely care about the investors. So if you decide to put your hard earned cash to work with this company, you should not be disappointed!


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