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Too Many Ways to Make Money Online,but No Cash in the End

Updated on February 13, 2016

My Journey as a Freelancer

There are numerous online money making websites out there and everyday more and more are coming up.A good number of them offer huge payouts at the end of the month and this is what attracts people to signing up with them.While it might seem profitable in the beginning people soon realise that all that glitters is not gold.In this case most online websites are not honest about how much harder one will have to work only to get peanuts in the end. I have personally experienced this for the longest time when i first started doing online work.

At first i joined as a freelancer.I was fresh out of college and decided to try it out before anything better came along.It was free to sign up and i enjoyed working with this company.Minimum payout was $25 and they made timely payments.The website however shut down one year later which was quite a let down.

Leaving Helium was sad but i guess i had to grow and move on to something new.Or so i thought.The next two to three months were spend signing up with websites that proved to be very disapointing.

I remember reading great things about PTC sites and i had the high hopes of making at least $100 per month.Most of these PTC sites(whose dormains i can't even remember) were fake and the legit ones such as Clixsense and Neobux paid very poorly.The maximum i would get for clicking one ad was between $0.0005 to $0.001.After clicking about 10 to 15 ads on a daily basis,i did not even get at least $5 at the end of the month.I literally felt like a slave.

So i decided enough was enough and left those PTC sites for something greener.I delved into online forex trading.Joining was easy and fast and i was even given a demo account to practice my skills before trading on a real account.What i didn't realise was that a demo account and a real one were two different things.Even though i deposited the minimum which was $150 to trade,and had a "support team". but i still lost money after making a bad deal. Forex trading is like a gambling game.You can win or lose a lot.

Another website caught my eye because it offered $2000 a week.It was called i had to do was promote the link on my various social media platforms such as facebook,twitter,and whatsup and get $10 for every click made.I was given $25 for signing up and minimum payout was $300.To my surprise i surpassed the target in two days which was quite exciting.My joy was shortlived as this website turned out to be a scam.I was never paid and would only be taken through a bunch of survey quentions(which i answered diligently) and still got nothing!!! They even changed their name from "dollarson" to "dollasun".Note the difference? Do not be fooled for it is the same site.

I pulled myself together after that shocker and decided to only focus on what i was really good at; freelance work.My focus this time would be on writing websites.It was then that i joined,,and hubpages.They are all credible websites, pay fairly well and on time.I highly recommend them because they are simple and do not appear too crowded on the surface.

I can now say that at least i am content.Even though im not making thousands of dollars i still get enough to cover my expenses and im still enjoying what i do.I hope this article will be helpful for all beginners.


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