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Safe Income Strategies

Updated on January 29, 2014

How to Generate A Steady Reliable Income Stream You Can Count On with Our Three Safe Income Strategies

An income that will be there no matter how volatile the markets.

Clients have been demanding safe income strategies in the aftermath of the Financial Market melt down of 2008 and 2009. Dividends have been cut or eliminated. Interest rates have dropped and the credit worthiness of many bond portfolios have reached junk status.

Throw in gut wrenching volatility and investment losses exceeding 50% of portfolio values, even speculators and high risk takers are trying to lower their risk exposure. Risk adverse and conservative investors have become paralyzed with fear. Afraid to sell portfolios that have been cut in half, yet worried their portfolios could be cut in half again.

If the Obama Malaise Turns into the Obama Depression, Are You Prepared?

Will your portfolio hold up? Is your retirement income reliable?

Newt Gingrich is already calling it the Obama Depression.

Senator Rubio has said that Every Aspect Of Life In America Is Worse Since Obama Took Over.

Steve Wynn: Obama is strangling the business climate in the United States with his constant stream of regulations. "I'm saying it bluntly, that this administration is the greatest wet blanket to business, and progress and job creation in my lifetime."

Economist Gary Shilling: Plunging Home Prices to Spark 2012 Recession

Housing prices will fall another 20%. There is a 4 year supply of housing overhanging the markets. Schilling, the guy who called the bubble burst in the housing markets, puts the excess housing at 2 to 2.5 million units. A 20% drop would put 40% of the homes underwater, worth less than the outstanding mortgage balance.

Michael J Boskin, Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers to President George H. W. Bush, warns in a Wall Street Journal Article dated July 18, 2011 to get ready for a 70% marginal tax rate. This he further states would cause real economic harm.

Banks are not lending. One Political fund raiser told me the Banks have no confidence in Obama's handling of the economy. Dodd-Frank legislation has created uncertainty and excess government regulations. The Banks are repaying Obama. More than 1 million foreclosure actions that should have taken place in 2011, have now been shifted to 2012, right in the middle of the Presidential campaign. Increased foreclosures, higher unemployment and falling real estate prices will doom Obama's re-election. His fund raising prowess won't overcome pocket book issues. In the meantime, he can still do a lot of damage to the Economy.

Will your IRA, 401(k) and other retirement portfolios be cut in half again?

Taxpayer bailouts, failed stimulus, out of control government spending, record deficits, too much debt, record foreclosures, high unemployment that's headed higher, threatened higher taxes, Obamacare. Government shut down? No Federal budget. Polarization, free market capitalist vs. team Obama's socialism. Bipartisanship vaporized.

Weak indecisive leadership. Diminished respect by Foreign leaders, triggered by the European, Arab and Asian apology and appeasement tours that send the wrong message to enemies and adversaries and scares our friends and allies. Pro Arab anti Israeli policy shift. Political correctness run amok.

Safe Income Strategy Solutions

Bank CDs are not the answer.

When your portfolio is cut in half, you need to double the value of your remaining funds. In the 1% to 2% world of Bank CDs, it will take between 36 to 72 years to double your money, if you leave it alone, and reinvest the interest. Many people cannot wait 36 to 72 years to touch their money.

Earning a more reasonable 5% , it will only take around 14+ years to double your money.

Safe Income Strategies are the Answer

None of our clients using our three safe income strategies lost money due to market volatility during the Financial Market Melt Down of 2008 and 2009. Their capital was safe and secure, untouched by market losses. Their income steady and reliable, unchanged by dividend cuts and lower interest rates.

These Strategies will work in the Obama Recession-Depression. Each of these Strategies are focused on keeping your money safe and secure, generating a steady reliable income you can depend on, without the downside risk and volatility of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and commodities. These strategies work exceptionally well in uncertain times, and a Wharton Case Study determined that Safe Income Strategy # 2 also returned respectable returns in periods of rising markets. Contact me for a copy of this study.

Safe Income Strategy # 1 - The CD Killer

Forget Bank CDs! You can earn 5% with Our Safe Income Strategy # 1.

We are not talking about rocket science. The Strategy is easy to understand. You just have not heard about this before.

It is based on a 4000 year old idea, applied to a secret niche market known to a small inner circle of originators. They have had no incentive to tell you about it. They have deliberately flown under the radar, earning Hugh profits.

Now, select accredited individuals with sufficient liquidity are being invited to participate.

How the Strategy Works

We provide cash out solutions to people who are stuck with pensions, annuities and structured settlements they cannot surrender. They need cash now, we provide it.

By providing liquidity where no liquidity exist, we able to buy future payments at a discount, and you can get returns of 5% to 5.5% in today's market.

Structured Settlement Cash Outs

You can get a steady reliable income stream guaranteed by a top rated insurance company.

Companies that have been in business for 75 to 100 years or longer.

Court Approved Transfers

When someone settles a lawsuit, they often receive a structured settlement annuity guaranteed and paid by a top rated insurance company. Once payments begin, the recipient no longer has a surrender option. Circumstances change and people want or need a lump-sum of cash. We step in an buy the future payments at a discount for a lump-sum of cash. The Courts approve the transfer and assignment.

No two transactions are identical. Each is different. What they have in common is guaranteed payments. The amount and timing of payments will vary for each transaction.

Real World Returns

Safe Income Strategy # 2

A very useful tool for addressing retirement plan tax traps and longevity risk.

Did you know that without proper planning, Federal & State Income, Estate and Inheritance taxes could take 60 to 70% of your retirement account when you die? You cannot fix this from the grave, or through your will. You need to take proper action while you are alive, to minimize this threat to your heirs.

This strategy protects capital, provides tax deferred growth and can provide you with an income you won't out live. A Wharton Case Study examined real world returns, not hypothetical returns, and concluded this strategy provided competitive returns to alternative portfolios of stocks and bonds, without the down side risk of declining markets while still providing respectable returns in robust equity markets. Results that appeal to risk adverse clients.

There is also the benefit of triple compounding, so your money will grow faster than Bank CDs, and bond portfolios. You earn interest on your investment, interest on you interest and interest on the taxes that are deferred.

Longevity Risk

Safe Income Strategy # 3

How to Generate a Tax-Free Retirement Income with Safe Income Strategy # 3

This Strategy will grow your money tax-free and allow for tax-free withdrawals. The Strategy works because it takes advantage of one of the best tax shelters available: A properly structured life insurance contract focused on creating cash values and minimizing the death benefits, will provide tax-free living benefits.

The Strategy will work for young and old, so long as you can accumulate cash values for10 years or longer before touching the money. This is a long term strategy. The longer the accumulation period, the more powerful the results. If circumstances change, you'll still be able to access cash values. The strategy should not be used to fund short term needs.

How to Generate A Steady Reliable Income You Can Count On.

Contact Information

Call me at 800-955-7898 for more information. Profit from my 35 + years experience in the Financial Services Industry

Bruce E Cox CPA
Retirement-Toolbox LLC
240 Regina Street
Philadelphia PA 19116


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