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Budgeting Into Big Bucks

Updated on December 23, 2010

Save $2300 A Year Painlessly.

A money education course sponsored by the government called MoneySmart instructed me to write down everything I bought every day for thirty days, in columns, and include how much I spent on each item in a column next to each item. At the end of thirty days I was to add the columns and the then add all the column totals to see how much I spent monthly on each item and what the total amount came to. The author promised the results would open my eyes to where the bulk of my money was going dramatically and enable me to save large sums by cutting down small daily expenditures. I decided to give it a try.

At the end of thirty days I had purchased a six pack of beer each day for $6.25 each and two packs of cheap cigarettes for $5.00 a day. The bag of potato chips I bought daily was 99 cents each. There were three or so other regular purchases but the three mentioned are enough to demonstrate the point. After 30 days the $12.25 daily purchases came to $367.20 a month. Multiply that by 12 months and it adds up to $4406.40. By eliminating one beer, and 5 cigarettes a day and the .99 cent chips I reduced my daily spending by $3.15. Multiply that by 30 days and you save $94.50 every thirty days. Over 12 months that is roughly $1154.00. Just twice that amount is 2308.00. Invet $12.25 a day in an interest bearing account and keep the interest in the account, in ten years you will have many thousand of dollars. The $1154.00 dollars a year without interest comes to 11, 540 dollars in 10 years. So you see, saving small amounts each day will net large gains quickly and is very easy to do.

For more information read Financial Freedom On Five Dollars A Day by Chuck Chakrapani, MSc, PhD, CIM. The author shows how Mr. Keen Investor turns $5.00 a day into $300,000.00 in 15 years. The book gives a detailed year by year plan that has the potential to make a million dollars in less than 18 years. Some of the chapter titles are 1. You Can Achieve Financial Freedom. 2. What Makes You Wealthy? 3. How To Get Money To Invest. 4. Getting Started. 5. How To Get High Interest. 6. How To Invest In Stocks. 7. How To Buy Stocks At A Discount. 8. How to Invest In Bonds. 9. How To Invest In Preferred Stocks. 12 .How To Invest in Silver. 14. Even More Ways To Make Money. 15. Low Risk Strategies For Higher Profits. 17. How To Get Information At Low Or No Cost. 19. A Blueprint For Financial Freedom. So, with the money you save by tracking spending for thirty days and cutting it down by a small amount each day, you can painlessly make huge long term gains if you know how.


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    • Wrath Warbone profile image

      Terry Chestnutt 7 years ago from Cleveland, Ohio

      Don't doubt it. Keep track of your spending for thrity days. You will be amazed at what small daily expenditures add up to, on items you can easily cut down on. Really.

    • Rockstarhobbo profile image

      Rockstarhobbo 7 years ago

      Really wonderful, doubt I could make that amount of money despite the amount of years it takes..

    • Wrath Warbone profile image

      Terry Chestnutt 7 years ago from Cleveland, Ohio

      It is also a quick and easy way to budget in for a special need purchase. Thanks for your comment.

    • profile image

      rchestnutt101 7 years ago

      sounds good.

    • nochance profile image

      Chloe Davis Smith 8 years ago from Minnesota

      Hmmm, sounds interesting.