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San Francisco Area Real Estate Investment Coaching

Updated on June 30, 2009

Bob Davidson

Bob Davidson
Bob Davidson

Finding Real Estate Deals in North California

Tuesday, June 03, 2008          Day One

9:00     Met/Introduction.  Bob met us at the hotel and I introduced him to Noelle.  We discussed backgrounds, experience and what he wanted to focus on the week (which was primarily notes).  We discussed our plan of action and started on the marketing.

9:30     We started posting Craigslist ads advertising the purchase of notes and property under the real estate wanted and financial services section of Craigslist. 

10:00   We discussed funding the deals that we would find that week so I had Bob work on creating an email blast.  We sent out email blast to hard money lenders in California after pulling a list off of Craigslist and  We received 3 responses within the hour along with receiving a lead on an online note auction at  We spent some time reviewing the website and calculating yields, etc and realized that the sellers were wanting way too much for their notes.

11:00   We sent a LOI to Suzanne Harrison with Alpine Capital (Scott’s Contact) for a CA pool.  Suzanne worked for Alpine Capital out of New York and stated that she had several pools for sale and could put together for one in California.

12:00   We discussed with Bob about what realtors that he was working with and he said none.  I pulled up and sorted realtors by Larkspur and MarinCounty. We sent out a couple emails to 10 of the local realtors outlining what we were looking for in a realtor.

12:15-1:115     Lunch

1:30     After we got back from lunch Bob asked me to show him more on how I pulled the list of realtors.  I showed him Active Rain and how to search for realtors, mortgage brokers, and Hard Money Lenders in the area. 

2:30     After showing him this, I went and printed a list of the Hard Money lenders on REI and we started calling Hard Money Lenders off of who lend in California for Notes, REO’s, note funding, and Hard Money rates.  Finished with 16 total calls to HMLenders.  I had Bob call two and then I would call two.  We found several lenders out of the 16 that were funding deals similar to private money deals.  Bob did very well at the phone calls and his comfort level increased with each call.

4:00     Received $11M pool of commercial properties that can be cherry picked.  We forwarded this on to Rod Davis and Jayme Kahla.  We also sent out email to get list of California REO’s from another potential contact.  Bob also showed us a list of pending preforeclosures of over 500 properties that we spent some time scrubbing and working on.

5:00     We then called into a conference call/webinar regarding selling property on Craigslist.  We listened to the call for about 30 minutes and then hung up as they were just focusing on their website sales.

5:30     We wrapped up the day by having Bob complete the Daily Journal and then we headed out to Dinner.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008     Day Two

9:00     Bob arrived at the hotel and we rehashed the prior day.  I talked with the NY trader and discussed LOI on $10 Million dollar pool for defaulted CA properties.  Bob had some questions regarding our conversation and I answered them regarding funding, due diligence, etc.

9:30     I had Bob repost his Craigslist ads so that they would be at the top of the list.

10:00   We started contacting secondary marketing managers off of list.  This was a bit difficult as the lender number that the website stated was actually the trustee list.  I pulled up the Option One list and Noelle called a friend/contact that she had with them.

11:00   Forwarded two pools to Jayme for review.  We also pulled a list of EMC REO’s that they had listed on their website which showed several hundred California REO’s.  I contacted/emailed 3 realtors to set up appointments for them to pull comps on the REO’s over the next couple of days and told Bob to work on narrowing down the list for homework that night.

12:00   lunch

1:15     Had Bob Davidson pull up other lists of pools off of for him to review.  He was looking at areas near his in-laws in Florida as well as the local areas.  We discussed price ranges and areas and he spent some time starting to narrow down the local list by mapping the homes.

2:30     I again started calling secondary marketing managers from the list of members for the California Mortgage Bankers Association. 

Zak Levington                        Clear Mortgage Solutions       866-958-5800

Charlie H                     Empire Mortgage        800-785-6499 ext142  (buying performing 1sts, no non performing, hard money loans, etc)

Don Curtis      Franklin Credit            760-294-1334  (buying non-performing notes, providing servicing and due diligence for buyers of paper)

Golden Empire Mortgage       661-283-1201

These four contacts all either were buying or may eventually have notes to sell and were all associate members of the CMBA

4:00     Pulled up residential list publicized on CMB association and started calling all 42 members.  We were able to contact several ex mortgage bankers, but they either were going out of business or no longer wholesaled loans.

5:00     Wrapped up the day with the Daily Journal.

Thursday, June 5, 2008           Day Three

9:00     Bob arrived at the hotel and we reviewed the previous day.

9:30     After not getting a very good response to my previous calls to realtors, I made phone calls to 5 realtors and scheduled appointments with 2 again off of their Active Rain profiles.  We were scheduled to meet with one that afternoon and one the following morning.

10:00   Followed up on note pools with bids supposed to be in by Friday along with Wells Fargo REO properties and notes by contacting Rod Davis with SMI funding.  I then reviewed the list of REO’s that Bob had narrowed down of EMC REO’s and sent them out to the two realtors to review.

11:00   Received several phone calls from secondary marketing managers in response to our previous day’s phone calls.  None of them had anything at that moment but would ad Bob to their hot lists.

12:00   Lunch

1:00     We spent the next few others discussing and roll playing how Bob could utilize these lists in a much better fashion.  He liked the idea of working the lists and contacting some of the individual people who were foreclosing to develop private lenders along with contacting hard money lenders for potential notes and REO deals.  We spent some time contacting some of the other hard money lenders that we hadn’t been able to reach the first time, along with discussing a better way to track down the secondary marketing managers on deals.

4:00     We met with Caren Horstmeyer, Realtor with Frank Howard Allen Realtors.  Caren had been a realtor for several years.  Bob controlled the meeting for the most part, but Caren didn’t seem that interested in working with us as she doubted our ability in performing by asking “Have you done this before” along with saying that she would have to take some time to think.   We wrapped up the meeting and headed out unimpressed.

5:00     We wrapped up the day with Bob completing the Daily Journal and we then headed out to dinner at the House of Prime Rib in San Francisco.

7:30     Bob dropped us back off at the hotel.

Friday, June 6, 2008               Day Four

7:45     Bob met us at the hotel and we headed out to meet Kelly Eling, Realtor with Pacific Union Realty.   Kelly was exactly what we were looking for.  She had pulled quite a few comps and had some great ideas for Bob along with making several recommendations.  She liked the idea of submitting low ball offers on REO’s along with working some of the short sales/motivated sellers for other deals.  We really enjoyed visiting with her and she promised to be in contact with Bob later on.  We all received a follow up email from her later that same day!

9:00     We arrived back at the hotel.  We discussed the differences in the two along with the referrals that Kelly was willing to suggest over Caren.  We also discussed how open that Kelly was to do some different things to drive business.  I talked with Bob how he might want to approach her to co-market on some things like mailers, etc to help keep costs low.  He liked that idea and we started to dicsuss our next meeting.

10:30   We headed out to meet with mortgage broker and real estate advisor Dan Conrad.  Dan and his assistant, Wency, were very open and inquisitive on how they could help Bob find notes.  Dan offered up that he could definitely help Bob find private money at less than 10% with his group of investors and students that he worked to mentor as well on a business and professional basis.  Dan was very inquisitive and asked many questions on the best way to identify notes and note pools and who that they should contact out of their 160 lenders.  He also liked the idea of handing/turning over dead files to Bob to see if their was a way to get them a property through owner financing.  We really enjoyed the conversation, and it may be a potential speaking engagement for Bob Leonetti.

12:00   Lunch

1:00     When we got back to the hotel from lunch, Bob realized that he had left his mentor binder at Kelly’s office so he headed out to pick it up from her office.

1:30     Bob arrived back from Kelly’s office and we began to work on Bob’s Marketing Plan.  I discussed what he was currently doing (not much) and how and what he needed to start doing to expand his marketing on a weekly and monthly basis.  I forwarded him several scripts, along with several emails for him to send out to his database to find private money.  We discussed each point in his marketing plan, but Bob was suffering from a severe headache and not feeling good.

3:30     We wrapped up the day and week with Bob completing the Daily Journal and Mentor Evaluation


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