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Save $100s - Thrown a re-gifting party with your friends or family!

Updated on May 20, 2011

Popular idea for your next party

The best savings idea of the year.

If you are getting together with family or friends, rather than buying each one a gift or wasting money on a "white elephant" (something for laughs) gift. Throw a re-gifting party!!

Everyone has something that is perfectly good, sitting around their house that is not being used or has never even left the box. Ensure that your family and/or friends are on board with the idea, but this type of holiday party can be allot of fun at no cost to you (and no shopping headache). Below a list of why you should really consider this option.

Top 10 reasons to re-gift

  1.  Most adults do not really "want" anything that they would not buy themselves.
  2. Most adults will not tell you if there is something they want.
  3. Most adult "wants" are more than you are willing to spend anyway.
  4. Most kids do not care (as long as it's a toy).
  5. Most young kids will play with the wrapping more than the present.
  6. Most teenagers would rather have money (that they would "waste" on stuff that you would not like).
  7. Most people spend hours looking for a gift, only to wonder if the person will even like it.
  8. Most of us have something nice that they'd like to see get used by a person they know.
  9. It's easier to let someone else donate it to a charity that you, if they don't like it.
  10. Most of all it's free, and we all need to save a little money these days.

Top 10 Re-gifting items

  1. A toy that you bought your kids last year and they hardly played with.

  2. Wedding gifts (whether you got married last year or 20 years ago, most of us still have something in a box).

  3. A birthday gift that you haven't found a place for in your house.
  4. Any decor item that is to big or not your taste, but is near-new.
  5. Any home-made gift that you really like, but you no longer have room for.
  6. New clothes that are not the right size (bought with wishful thinking on the last diet).
  7. Christmas Decor that does not match your style or that you don't want to store again.
  8. Anything that you have two of (Toaster?)
  9. Last year's Christmas gift that was never used.
  10. Throw together a gift basket of something from your pantry (snacks or a meal).

What ever you do, even if it is a gag gift please ensure that it is in good condition and usable. Also, wrap it up pretty as this should be your only expense and time spent on the gift.

Down-sizing party

If someone you know is down sizing there living area. This is a great way for them to give stuff to the people they want to have it and down-size at the same time. It also may help the person with the mental aspect, as it is easier to give gifts, than to donate a special item. Most of us have a hard time "giving up" things, but it is not so hard to "give" a gift.


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      Tom Pcek 7 years ago

      Give laughter as a gifts give a funny apron laugh all year long!