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Save Hundreds on Brand Name Clothes

Updated on July 2, 2016

Department Stores

Department stores carry clothes for all shapes and sizes in mid to high end styles and brands. Common sales at these stores are a off like 25% off or even up to 50%, but these sales are off the original retail prices. Most of these large national stores have clearance racks that have out of season, last season or slow selling items. These racks can typically run up to 75% off but you need to dig and hunt through the racks to find items you like.

From dresses to athletic wear you can find it in big mall department store, but most people think that they can't afford it. The prices scare the typical shopper and brand names are often out of reach of many budgets. However, that is not the case at all. You can make these big name department stores work for you.

Why settle for secondhand clothes when you can wear brand names for much less out of pocket.

Department Store Finds

9 items found for a total retail value of $257.99
9 items found for a total retail value of $257.99

Department Store Coupons and Rewards

To save real money and not just change you need to know what to look for, where to find it and how to use it. The results are amazing. The photo above is of 9 items I bought earlier today on clearance racks. The total retail prices combined of all 9 equaled $257.99 before tax. Where I am sales tax is 8.25% so had I purchased these 9 pieces of clothes at full retail price I would have spent a total of $279.27. Instead, I spent (after tax) $11.95. These awesome finds were from 3 departments.

With coupons you can do it too. Most of you have heard of extreme couponing to buy food, toiletries and cleaning products but have you heard of doing it to buy clothes? You won't have to go to thrift stores and dig through out dated, faded, pre-owned, and soiled clothes any more if you just follow a few simple rules. Before I get into those, let's see what I got at each store and how I spent so little to get them.

JC Penny's

Retail value is $144
Retail value is $144

The pink top is $36, teal top is $34, lime tank top is $14 and the athletic pants are $30 each and I purchased 2 of them. The total before tax at full retail price for these 5 items is $144. However, all 5 items were marked down and on clearance racks. Pink top 85% off marked at $4.97, teal top 85% off marked at $4.97. tank top 65% off marked at $4.99, and both pairs of athletic pants 80% off marked at $5.97 a piece. The clearance total cost of all 5 items is $26.87 before tax. I still didn't even pay anywhere near that amount.

Online there is a coupon for $10 off any $25 purchase and clearance items are included. So I used that and it brought my total to $16.87. However, I didn't really feel like spending that amount for my clothes either. With a line of credit and the rewards program that JC Penny's offers it's customers I periodically receive coupons for $10 off any purchase. These that are through the rewards can be combined with a general coupon (like the one I had already used). My total came down to $6.87 before tax. Grand total out the door for all 5 items from JC Penny's is $7.44.


Retail value is $59.98
Retail value is $59.98

Bealls loves mailing out coupons to their loyal customers so I went and checked out the clearance racks. After searching for a few minutes I found the green top with a retail price of $40 and the printed tank top with a retail price of $19.98. These are both on clearance, green top is marked at $7.97 and the printed tank top is marked at $5.99. Together the total is only $13.96 before tax. That total was too bad but still too high in my opinion. So I used the coupon that was mailed to my house. It was $10 off $10. These coupons are amazing, all you need to do is make sure that your purchase is over $10 before tax. My total come down to $3.96. Out the door for both tops I spend $4.29.


Retail value is $84.00
Retail value is $84.00

The last store I went to was Kohl's and I got the best deal of the day. Both light wear athletic jackets are $30 each and the tank top is $24. These 3 items have a retail price of $84, however, I found them on the clearance racks, again. The tank top is marked at $7.20 and I just had to have it because it's really cute. The jackets are what really made my day. I live where it's hot most of the year so jackets and sweat shirts get marked down dramatically in some cases. These jackets happened to priced at $3 each so I bought both. Total clearance price before tax for all 3 items is $13.20 but again, that was just too high for me. With a $10 off $10 coupon that I printed off the store's website, my total before tax is $3.20. Out the door I paid $3.46.

Total spent $15.19
Total spent $15.19

One of the black athletic jackets was for my mom so she paid me the $3.24 for it. The total spent was $15.19 on 10 items at 3 department stores. I got home with 2 pairs of athletic pants, 2 sports tank tops, 4 tops and 1 athletic jacket, after subtracting my mother's $30 jacket ($3.00 plus $0.24 for tax) I purchased $257.99 in clothes for $11.95 after tax.

Why buy used when you can buy new for so much cheaper? Everyone can do it. All you need to do is look for coupons online on the store websites and check your local newspapers as well. Sign up for the free rewards programs that the stores have, many will either email you special coupons or mail them directly to your home. If you use credit cards, sign up for the store line of credit, many times they will give you a percentage off the same day you are approved plus you can earn money towards future purchases.

I don't buy from thrift stores, I am on a very small budget and I wear brand name clothes. I shop in department stores regularly and spend less then most people who shop the sales because I use coupons, try to stay on the clearance racks and always go when there are other sales going on through out the stores. Be sure to read your coupons to see if you can combine them and if you can, always combine coupons, you will save so much more. Be aware of expiration dates, once that date has passed you lose out on that coupon.

Happy shopping and saving.


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