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Save Money, Time and Space by Replacing Tupperware with Butter Tubs

Updated on November 27, 2015
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Verity is simultaneously pursuing a physics degree and a teaching degree. In her spare time, she likes to cook & play video games.

Time Savers

How many times have you reached into your cupboard to find that once again you can find a lid for a Tupperware box but the actual box is nowhere to be found? I swear missing odd socks must turn into Tupperware lids! Well about 3 years ago my dad gave me a top tip that has allowed me remove Tupperware from my life completely!

Butter (or margarine) tubs! These things are a god send. They are perfectly one portion sized so whenever I make a bulk batch of soup to freeze for later I can just ladle it in to as many butter tubs as I need, and then when I’m hungry I can just pull one out and pop it in the microwave for a few minutes. It reduces so much waste. Tupperware containers are usually too large for my portion size so unless I force myself, I’ll have a little left over and it seems such a shame to let it go to waste, but I’ve never had that problem with butter tubs.

Butter tubs are also so easy to clean! A quick wipe under some hot & soapy water does it for me every time. This makes them really useful for not just freezing food in, but storing mixes in. When I make a curry, I mix together my own curry paste in a butter tub and any left-over I just pop in the fridge. This means I’m not mixing in a bowl, which is so useful for me as I live with 5 people so bowls tend to run out very quickly.

Space Savers

Another thing that I love about them is how easy they are to not just clean but to store too! Since butter tubs all come in the same size you can stack them inside each other along one side of your cupboard and it frees up so much storage space in your home. This works too in the freezer and fridge, you can stack them to one side in a tower and then they’re not in anyone’s way.

Money Savers

The big plus one for me when it comes to butter tubs is the money I saved too. I am always going to be buying butter, as sandwiches make up such a big part of my life, so using these instead of spending money on Tupperware is so helpful. Not to mention how eco-friendly it is! I feel really badly all the time about my carbon footprint and being wasteful, so this opportunity to recycle and not just throw away non-degradable bits of plastic makes me feel as if I’m doing my bit for mother Earth.

Extra Top Tip

Another odd little use for my butter tubs is that they help me out with gardening. I cut up a tub in to a bunch of little rectangles with a point on one end, and use a marker pen to write what I’ve planted, then stick it into a pot. That way I never forget what I have growing where and I can remember what food to give each one. As a forgetful person this has helped me no end!

I hope this top tip can help you save on time, money and space and remove the Tupperware frustration from your life!

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