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Save Money While Shopping Online: Use Online Coupon Codes!

Updated on August 4, 2012

Online Coupon Codes

Although I have always loved going through my snail mail and snagging coupons to use on different items, I am beginning to love searching online for coupons even more! Recently I was shopping online for some Christmas gifts. I accidentally came across a site that had random coupon codes... this is where it all began! There are tons of sites out there that host web coupons for various online shopping venues. Everywhere from web hosting companies to Amazon offer coupon codes.

I am going to share with you a few places I found online coupon codes that helped me save money while shopping online.

Some Places I Saved Money Using Coupon Codes

Please note: I am no way affiliated with any of these coupon sites, nor do I have any monetary gain by sharing the following sites with you, I am simply putting the link in here so you too can find savings!

Web Hosting:I found online coupon codes for Go,, and even hostgator! I did this by searching for the website name and coupon codes. At the time I found the coupon code, I believe the coupon saved me over 70% off the actual domain cost! Currently, if you search for GoDaddy coupons in particular, you can find websites like this one that will save you money:

Sporting Goods:You can find coupon codes for so many different stores that sell sporting goods. I even found some for Bass Pro Shop on!

Realistically I could go through every type of store that has a website and I bet you could find some sort of coupon code to enter in the shopping cart while you are checking out. I've found coupons for office supplies, down-loadable computer programs, anti virus software, clothes, purses, and even for developing my pictures. I would highly recommend doing a quick search on your favorite search engine, such as google, ask, or bing for coupon codes before you make your next online purchase.

Once you have the items in your shopping cart on whichever website you are going to make a purchase from, I would open a secondary internet window and do the search for an online coupon code for the particular store you are purchasing from. Once you find a code that you want to use, highlight the code and right click your mouse to copy the code. Now that the code is saved to your computer's clipboard you can paste it into the coupon code box when you are checking out of your shopping cart. Most retailers will have the coupon code box on the page where you are reviewing the items in your cart. It is that easy to save money folks!

Retail Me Not Example Video

Websites for Finding Coupons

I have used the following websites:





The above linksĀ are not active, you will have to copy the website name and search for the website in your favorite search engine :-)


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    • profile image

      Pwince 6 years ago

      Hello I found other website for coupons as well. I hope this is useful to you :)


    • HealthyHanna profile image

      HealthyHanna 7 years ago from Utah

      This really works and you can find great savings utalizing it.