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How to Save Money on Groceries With Expired Milk

Updated on February 28, 2014

Save Money With Spoiled Milk.

Once a grocery store gets you into their store, they have won. And the more often they get you there the better. That is because they know your quick stop to the store will more than likely not end with you leaving with only what you originally set out to get. What if you could turn the tables, and only get to the grocery store when YOU needed to go, and only picked up what you needed to make it through until your next trip? You can, read on.

There are some great tips about saving money while grocery shopping. Make a list, use coupons and plan out your meals. But what if I told you that you can save money with expired, spoiled milk?

If you buy your milk carefully, you can usually find it with an expiration date of around two weeks. That is the first step in this method to save money. Buy milk with an expiration date of about two weeks out. If you are a family that goes through a lot of milk, buy enough to last about two weeks, and go shopping again when it expires or it runs out.

We all know that milk, cheese, bread, butter and eggs control a lot of our grocery patterns as they are the most general of kitchen goods, and they all have a short shelf life, milk being about the shortest.

Once you go to the grocery store, buy enough groceries to last two weeks, which is about how long your milk will last. Make sure to get a good mix of frozen, dry, canned and fresh goods, but be smart about how much fresh food you buy as ripe bananas only last a few days. Frozen, dry and canned foods will help you achieve your goal of waiting until your milk is gone or expired, which is the next key point.

You have to make a commitment to not hit up the store between your main trips every two weeks for milk and to restock. Even if you need to get one ingredient for a dish, put it on the list and get it the next time you go.

By following this simple application you WILL save money, and time. You will only be grocery shopping 2 times a month! This method will require planning, because you will have to think of meals two weeks out in order to make it there. Make a list, and stick to it! Impulse buys crush a budget and grocery stores make a lot of their money off of them, so do not fall into the trap!

Once your milk goes bad or is gone, you will be forced to go shopping, or use meals that do not require it, as this will then require planning, making use of less frequent meal options, which keeps your food rotating and fresh, so hopefully you are wasting and throwing out less old food.

Other tips to amplify your time and savings:

Get a deep freeze, and buy certain items in bulk.

Go grocery shopping on a Tuesday or Wednesday, the slowest days for grocery stores, which is why you will not only have fewer people to fight through, but you may also have the best coupon days. Most grocery stores will have double days on Tuesday or Wednesday, making your coupons twice as valuable.

Many grocery stores have a rewards program with gas stations or other affiliates. Use them, what can it hurt, you are shopping there anyway, might as well save on gas too!

Do not worry too much about your budget. What I mean by this is get good food that you will eat and plenty of it to last two weeks. This will prevent you from eating out and spending much more because you ran out or do not like what is left. If you like a pizza that is $8, get it, better than spending $15 for takeout or even more to sit down.

I hope this helps, and at least gets you thinking outside the box on ways to save money.

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