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Save Money and Help the Environment at the Same Time

Updated on November 16, 2010
Save Money and Help the Environment - Go Green
Save Money and Help the Environment - Go Green

Be Smart - Save Money and Help the Environment at the Same Time.

When asked in informal surveys, close to 100% of respondents say they want to help the environment. However when the same group is asked if they will pay more for a product or service in order to help the environment that number drops to 2%. People want to help but in these economic times they simply can't afford to do so. That is what makes this program so wonderful!

Viridain offers customers an opportunity to cut their electric bill and at the same time increase the amount of electricity they are consuming that is generated through the use of renewable resources. In this case Wind Power. Because of electricity deregulation, many states now allow Alternate Energy Suppliers to come into the state and offer electricity at discounts to the price of the electricity that the utility supplies. In many cases it is a significant discount.

Viridian serves New Jersey, Connecticut and Maryland. They also serve parts of Pennsylvania. Next year there are plans to expand into New York, Massachusetts and Illinois. Check below to find the rates to compare in your state.

Wouldn't it be great to Save Money and Go Green at the same time? Help the environment and help make ends meet in the same easy step. Customers have the right to choose their own Alternate Electricity Supplier in Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. When you ask yourself, "How do I save money on my electric bills?" the answer is by changing your electricity supplier. Did you know that your electric company probably doesn't even generate any of the electricity that you use? They probably aren't even allowed to produce it. They are simply the delivery company. When you look at your bill you will see that the bill is broken into different categories.

When you switch to an alternate supplier, you still get the Same Service and the Same Billing. If you have a problem you still call the same utility that you currently use.

The nice thing about Viridian is that because there are No Contracts, No Enrollment fees, No cancellation Fees you can switch back whenever you want!

When planning a budget, make sure you use an Alternate Electricity Supplier so you can buy cheaper electricity and Save Money! If you choose Viridian, you can Save Money and Help the Environment at the same time. Now that is a nice deal!

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Introduction to Viridian Energy


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    • CJamesIII profile image

      CJamesIII 6 years ago from Minneapolis, MN

      That is great to hear. Viridian sounds like the innovator we need.