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Save Money by Cooking at Home, Instead of Eating Out

Updated on September 3, 2011

Cook at Home and Save Money

In today’s economically stressed world, people are looking for more ways to save some money. Eating even at a moderately priced restaurant can prove to be too expensive for an average family. Apart from that, restaurant food is not healthy too, as they have more fats and salts than home-cooked foods. A multitude of office-goers prefer to have their lunch in the canteen, because they do not have time to cook food in the morning. But it would be better if you could get up a little early or make the basic preparations in the night so that cooking lunch in the morning does not consume much of your time. Let us discuss about how cooking food at home can help in saving money.

Cooking at Home proves to be Less Expensive

Believe it or not, the total cost of ingredients and resources used in cooking at home is less expensive than the amount of food you eat in a restaurant. After all, restaurants are opened to make gains only and they will not provide you food at less cost than they invested. Their rent, furniture costs, utility costs etc. will be included in your bill, which means that the cost of ingredients used to make the food is much less than what you pay in a restaurant. Therefore, eating out proves to be much costlier than cooking food at home.

Saves Medical Bills

Because the food in restaurants might be prepared in unhygienic conditions, you are more liable to fall sick when you eat such food. You do not know which ingredients are used in these foods and therefore, some of them may trigger your allergies. High fat levels in these foods may lead to more health related issues like high blood pressure, heart diseases and breathing problems. This may result in more visits to the doctor, thus adding to your medical bills and medicine costs. If you cook food at home, you know what you are using in your kitchen and you are the person responsible to maintain hygiene inside. Therefore, you have less chances of getting sick and the visits to the doctor are saved.

Save Money By Cooking At Home - Home Made Bread

Leftovers can be used

When you cook at home, you know what quantity is sufficient for your family. But when you order a dish in a restaurant, you may not know how much the quantity will be. It may be too less that you may need to order more, or it may be too much that you may be forced to pay for what you never ate. If you cook at home, you can use the leftovers the next day or use them to make any other dish. But if you are eating at a restaurant, you may not be allowed to carry the leftovers with you and this may prove to be much more expensive than cooking at home.

After understanding all these points, you will come to know how cooking at home will prove to be less expensive and much healthier than eating out regularly.


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    • LensMan999 profile image

      LensMan999 4 years ago from Trans-Neptunian region

      I never said that you shouldn't have food from outside. You can have it at times. But it's better to prepare your own food at home by which you can save your money and health too.

    • H P Roychoudhury profile image

      H P Roychoudhury 6 years ago from Guwahati, India

      It is good to save money by cooking at home. But how can you restrict the others who want to enjoy the pleasure of life by taking food outside?