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The secret of how to save up to 35 percent on your auto parts, oil and gas treatments. Save Money with these easy steps.

Updated on January 3, 2016

Save Money on Car Repairs & Maintenance!

It's so easy to pop into one of the big 3 auto parts places when you need something for your car. But over the past couple of years, these parts places have really gone up in price. If you want to save money on maintaining or repairing your car, there are other options.

Step 1: Shop at Walmart for your oil and wiper blades!

I just did a quick price check to compare what prices are to

A quart of Pennzoil on the Autozone website is $5.99 and the same product on is $4.24. That's a $1.75 difference! Walmart doesn't always have a great selection, but generally they are a whole lot cheaper, sometimes by as much as half price.

I buy my B-12 additive for my cars at Walmart. It’s just over $3.00 at Walmart and it’s over $5.00 at Autozone.

Save $ on maintenance and repair on your car.
Save $ on maintenance and repair on your car.

Step 2: Call the dealer.

In the past, the Dealer has always been known as the place to go for specialty items that you couldn't find elsewhere and everyone knows that meant it was going to be expensive.

I was surprised when I bought a set of spark plugs for my Toyota and they were only $2.24 each. The better spark plugs at start at $3.69 each. The spark plug from the dealer was rated for 20,000 miles.

The dealer laughed when he was checking me out and said that, "That spark plug typically goes for 40 to 50,000 miles." (I don’t think I’ve ever gotten that kind of mileage out of the spark plugs I’ve bought at Autozone or Advance, and I’ve paid upward to $6.00 or more for them.)

Step 3: Shop Online

Amazon and Ebay typically have a variety of auto parts, too. Keep in mind that if the part doesn't fit, returns are a bit harder, if at all. I've found that when I'm looking for a specialty part that is expensive locally or can't be found locally that this is a good option.

Look Sale Items on Amazon

Amazon is a great place to shop for deals since they do drastically reduce their prices on different items on a regular basis. I just price compared to Walmart and for Sylvania 9007 SilverStar headlights. Both websites had the Sylvania 9007 SilverStar headlights for $49.99, but Amazon had the same thing on sale for $26.99. That’s almost half price and it ships free. Click below to see that sale.

Do You Shop Online For Auto Parts On A Regular Basis?

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Step 4: Use coupons online at the 3 big auto parts stores

Although this article is about saving money by not shopping at one of the 3 big auto parts stores, there are a couple of tricks you can use to save big at these stores by taking advantage of their sales. Autozone and Advance run different sales ongoing most of the time. My favorite is from Advance where I regularly save 30 percent and more off of my purchase price. is a great website for coupons.

To find coupons, go to

I just found several coupons that save quite a bit at Advance.

(1)One offered 30 percent off of $50 and

(2)Another was 40 percent off of $100.

A battery that costs $120 at Advance if purchased correctly can be as low as $80.

Order online and save 30 percent or more and then pick it up in the store the same day.

The great thing about using coupons at and is that you can get it the same day. You don’t have to wait for it to come in the mail and you still can save 30 percent or more.

(1) Just place your order online and checkout using a credit card.

(2) Then go to the store in an hour or so to pick it up.

Note: You won’t be billed until you pick the item up at the store.

Be sure to use the coupon on the website when you check out to get the savings.

Earn money back from your online purchases. gives you money back for shopping online at any of the 3 big auto parts stores or even Walmart. It's free to sign up by clicking here .

If you shop at Autozone by using Fatwallet, you'll get 4 percent of your purchase price back. Shopping at Advance gives 5.5 percent of your purchase price back and shopping at Walmart gives you 1.5 percent of your purchase price back.

They'll give you actual cash to use as you like and to buy what you want.

I’ve found that if you can pre-think getting auto parts and additives, you’ll almost always save big money. We all know that life doesn’t always happen that way though. So, it’s good to know your options and how you can stretch your dollar.

I hope this info helped! Cheers!


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    • NikaWest profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Sunny Florida

      Step by step to save money. A little here and a little there.

    • NikaWest profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Sunny Florida

      Just saved big by shopping online and then picking up my auto parts in the store. Over 30 percent. It's easy to do. :)

    • Reynold Jay profile image

      Reynold Jay 

      3 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

      Well now... this is good to know- saves me researching the whole thing when I need spark plug! !! Well done to point this out.

    • NikaWest profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Sunny Florida

      Awesome. Not go and save lots of money!!!


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