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Save Money on Your Power Bill this Summer

Updated on June 15, 2015

How in the World Can I do This?

Many of us are challenged to save money. Some people can save money in some areas better than other areas. Some people struggle with saving money in every aspect of their lives. When you are put in specific situations you will have to make choices where you can save money, but if you do not then specific consequences will occur. Today there will be tips provided to help you save money throughout the summer on your electric bill, especially in regards to your air conditioning unit or central air.

Tip #1 - Air Filters

The first tip is to change your air filters. The air filters need to be changed frequently. This should be completed like it is done in the winter. Each time your receive your electric bill can be used as a reminder to change the air filter for the cooling unit. The minimum that filters should be changed no matter what is every three months. A dirty filter will slow down the air flow and will make the system work harder to keep you cool. The harder that the system works the more money that you will have to pay on your bill. The person who is energy conscious will also want to use this practice because it will save you lots of energy. A clean filter will also prevent dust and dirt build-up in the system. If there is too much dust and dirt build-up in the system, there can be expensive maintenance to the unit or even unit replacement.

Tip #2 - Ceiling Fans

The second tip to save money this summer on your electric bill is to make use of your ceiling fans. In the summer time make sure that the air is blowing down on you. It will just cost you pennies a day to run a ceiling fan. You, also, only have to use the ceiling fan while you are at home. If you do leave the ceiling fan on low while you are away this will keep the air consistent throughout your home. Fans are for your comfort, not to circulate air. That is what air conditioning is used for. Ceiling fans also can be very decorative for your home.

Saving money

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Energy Saving Light Bulbs

The use of light bulbs to save energy is extremely important to the environment and to energy costs. So how can we understand how much energy can be saved by the small gestures of changing light bulbs? LED light bulbs are made to streamline light in one direction. This creates a more direct and efficient illumination. Other bulbs project light in all directions. This loses 50% of the light before it even has the chance to leave the fixture. The lifespan of an LED light lasts over 60,000 hours compared to the 1,000 of a normal, incandescent bulb. This will save lots of light and money. That is what you want to accomplish, to save money.

Tip #3 and #4 - The use of caulk and weather stripping

The third and fourth tip for saving on your electricity during the summer months are to use caulk and spray foam around windows and holes around windows and holes in the exterior of your home. There are holes where your phone and cable wires come into the house. Weather stripping needs to be used around the doors. You need to make sure that no light shows through the cracks of the doors. Air can get out the doors the same way that heat can enter in through the cracks in the doors that are not fixed properly. This seems like it would not make a big difference in your monthly savings, but you would be surprised how much heat and air will escape through the holes in your home.

The Last and Most Difficult Tip - The Thermostat

The last and most important tip is to keep the thermostat on 78 degrees. This seems to be the hardest tip for people to do. Most people keep their thermostats around 73-74 degrees. Every degree that you bump the temperature closer to 78 degrees, that is a 3 to 4% savings. If you bump it from a 74 to 78 degree temperature, that could be a 20% savings. This is really a great bargain.

A Small but Important Savings Tip

There is one other quick tip that is important that was not listed above. This tip is to use socket covers in the electrical plugs that are not being used. Most people use them to protect children from sticking their fingers or small objects into the socket. This can also keep air from escaping through the holes of your home. Keeping people safe and saving money!! What a really great tip!!

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