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Save money on food storage containers

Updated on July 7, 2011
Food storage containers
Food storage containers | Source


Food storage containers can be found on basically every household in America. Everybody need one of these at some point to storage for example their dinner leftovers; or any leftover of the ingredient they used to prepare their meal. There are many brands that have created all types of plastic containers with different improvements; like for example, microwave resistance, dishwasher safe, freezer safe, etc. Although all of these are great, it’s hard not to notice that their prices has been going up considerably, making it expensive to buy them for every single task. However, it is not hard to substitute some of these containers without expending extra cash.

Reusable food containers
Reusable food containers | Source


Reusing is the key to save money on food storage containers. What are we reusing? the plastic and glass containers that we all have already bought when grocery shopping. For example: mayonnaise, margarine and pasta sauce containers. These containers have good lids, and are great for food storage; some of them (specially the plastic ones) are good for a quick heating in the microwave, while others are perfect for the freezer. Like with any other food container, they provide this type of information on their bottom. They can be use to storage the leftovers of your homemade pasta sauce, broth or stock, tomato paste and vinaigrettes, just to mention a few.

These are not the only examples of containers that can be reused. Take out containers, like the one in the picture on the right, are really good for storing food and best of all, can be use in the microwave. Note that this has to be under supervision and at intervals to avoid overheating the container and as a result melting it. Nonetheless, they still are a good substitute to those expensive food containers.

Food bags
Food bags | Source

Not just hard containers are good

Many people make use of the plastic bags, like for example the Ziploc bags, to storage food. These bags provide great advantages, but again cost money. It’s hard to substitute these bags with something else when they are good at taking less space and still provide good conservation of the food. Once again, reuse is the key word here. Depending on the use given to the bag, it is possible to reuse it later for the same food or any other food if the bags got no odors or substance that can contaminate the new content. Still, they can be hand washed and dried for further use; this is a way to save money on these plastic bags and get the bang for your bucks.

By all means, the purpose of this article is not to tell the reader not to buy the food storage containers in the market; on the contrary is to help the reader to not over spend in them when there are other cost effective materials that can be use for these simple kitchen tasks.


As can be seen; by simply washing these containers when finish consuming their content, we already have a basically free food storage container, in some case with a great free leakage lid that might also be microwave and dishwasher save. This will not only help to save money, but will also help the environment.


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