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Saving Money Beats Making Money

Updated on September 18, 2011

Shoe Repair, why you should be visiting your Corner Cobbler

In today's tough economic times, we're all looking for ways to save money. One way many have forgotten about is taking their shoes and other items in for repair rather than buying new ones. This has the added benefit of reducing the waste we generate, helping us all to be more Green.

Shoe repair shops can save you money on many different items, from your favorite shoes to your child's school backpack, most anything can be repaired at a substantial savings. And since saving money is just as good as making money, who wouldn't want to take advantage? You might even find coupons in your local newspaper for saving even more money at the Cobbler's shop.

What sort of things can I save money with by having them repaired?

The first thing most people would think of would be either Men's dress shoes and having them soled and heeled or Ladies shoes and having the taps, or heels, replaced. Those are certainly the most common items people bring in, but think about those expensive work boots that you love. For 1/2 to 1/4 the price of a good pair of new boots, you can usually have them re-soled and refreshed and still have them fit just like you want. Most good shops even have methods to repair so-called "unfixable" boots anymore. Sometimes you can replace the sole with what came from the factory, or you can add a midsole with real or decorative welt and a new sole and have a boot that outlasts a new one by many years.

Although the typical repair done with athletic shoes is sewing loose pieces back together, athletic shoes can often be resoled as well. Also there's no need to buy a new backpack for your child just because a strap comes loose, have it sewn back together and save the price of a new one. Jackets can have zippers replaced for typically much less than they originally cost and all manner of odds and ends around the house can be repaired by your Cobbler. I've seen everything from drapes to boat covers come in for new grommets, repair and alteration and other repairs. All much cheaper than replacement.

Zippers are another very common repair. How many times have you had a nylon coil type zipper open up as you try to close it? That zipper probably isn't broken and very often this can be repaired at very little cost, and in just a matter of minutes. Even if it needs a new slide, that's going to be a lot cheaper than what that zipper is attached to most of the time.

So go through your closets and dig out all those shoes and other items that you're not using because of some damage. Take them to your local Cobbler and start saving some of your hard-earned cash. Remember, saving money is easier than making money.


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