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Saving Money By Going Eco-Friendly

Updated on February 12, 2012

We are living in a period when most people are living paycheck to paycheck. Some people are unemployed and struggling to make ends meet. Gas prices are skyrocketing and residents are losing their homes. Spending has put a dent on everybody's wallet. There is a myriad of ways on saving money and one of them is by going green.

1. Turn off the lights during the day- When the sun is up and its rays are shining, there is no need to turn on the lights. Open your windows or blinds so that the sunlight will seep through your house. It will light up your whole house and save you a penny.

2. Cut off the airconditioner/heater. If the weather is 50 degrees and above, shut off the heater. In some areas, people enjoy mild temperatures by stepping outside and walking in parks or in their neighborhood. There is no need to heat the entire house up. Turn it on if the weather is starting to freeze. During the spring, the temperature is tolerable. Open the windows and feel the spring breeze right at the comfort of your own home. Too much cold air can cause the skin to dry. Dry air caused by the heater reduces moisture in the place. If you follow this tip, you will reduce your gas or electric bill by half.

3. 70 degrees is cheap and smart- During winter, set the temperature of your heater to 70 degrees. It heats up the place comfortably and it saves you a great deal. An eighty degree temperature in the house can make you feel congested and more importantly, it's expensive.

4. Follow the 25 mph speed limit- Gallons of gas will be saved if you choose not to speed up. If you are not driving a fuel-efficient car, then it's wise to save gas by driving within the speed limit. There is no need to rush. You can get there on time if you are on schedule. It reduces accidents and pain in the pump.

5. Take the subway- If your destination is Metro accessible, take the subway instead of driving. If more than half of the population will ditch their cars for the subway, then the country will save a huge amount of gas for the entire year. I hope that all states will hold a No Car Day at least a couple of times a year to make the air less polluted.

6.- Biking is a better option- Since this vehicle doesn't use gas and pollute the environment, ride a bicycle if your destination is just 15 minutes away. Aside from the fact that its eco-friendly, it will help you lose weight since biking is a form of exercise. Hitting two birds with one stone is not a bad idea.

7. Don't use plastic bags when grocery shopping- Reusable bags are a much better alternative. When you consume too many plastic bags, you contribute to land pollution since plastic is non-biodegradable. In some states such as D.C and Maryland, they charge you 5 cents for every plastic bag that you use. The cashier will deduct cents from your bill if you bring your own bags.

8. Recycle paper- When you are printing a document online, use recycled paper. If you are downloading a document such as recipes or articles that are for personal consumption, use the back portion of the paper that has been used. Only use a clean sheet when you are submitting a term paper.

9. Ignore the "ink is running out" warning sign- Once you see the prompt that your ink needs to be replaced, it means that 50% of the ink cartridge is full. You can do a test printing if the cartridge to check if the ink has run out.

10. Segregate your trash- Old newspapers, cans, plastic bottles should all belong to the recyclable can, while the soild materials such as pizza boxes are placed in the non-recyclable trash can. If the entire neighborhood will follow this procedure, then the environment will be spic and span. If you are throwing away an empty can of soup, wash the can with running water because the garbage collector wouldn't accept dirty cans in the recyclable trash bin.

11. Turn off the faucet- When you are bathing or brushing your teeth, don't leave the water in the faucet running. Millions of people living in third world countries don't have access to drinking water for 24 hours a day. Dollars will be saved from your water bill if we learn how to conserve water. Don't let your kids frolic in the bath tub for a long period of time. Turn it off when necessary.

12. Grow your own vegetable garden- It's healthy and economical to grow your own vegetables in your backyard. You can be sure it's organic since no harmful materials were used in growing the product. It will save you a trip to the farmer's market since it's for free and the food is fresh.

13. Use the cold cycle when doing the laundry- Water heater takes 90% of the energy to run the washing machine that's why your electric bill goes up. Another upside is that more homes will be lit up since using cold water is more energy efficient than hot water.

14. Clean the lint filter of your dryer- Take away the lint from the filter. Your dryer will be 10 times more efficient and will last longer. It also prevents hazardous fires caused by overheating. It's much better to skip the dryer during the spring and summer. Dry your clothes on the clothes line. The sun's rays will help the clothes dry fast and it won't cost you anything.

15. Unplug all unnecessary appliances- Electricity continues to flow if appliances are plugged in the whole day. Unplug oven toasters, stereo, lamps, and television when not in use. There will be a huge drop in your electric bill if this is practiced.

Money is tight. Cut your spending to more than half by bringing out the environmentalist in you. These are easy tips that you can do every day for the rest of your life. If you start doing these tips for a month, you will see a decrease in your electric bill. The money you will save can be used for more important things such as your child's education.


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    • moli9 profile image

      Moli Gailan 6 years ago from Washington, DC

      good for you

    • Casey Strouse profile image

      Casey Strouse 6 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      I ditched my care and ride a bike everywhere. This has saved me tons of money over the last few years.