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Saving Money On Your Video Game Addiction By Using To Get Deals When You Rent And Buy Video Games

Updated on July 18, 2012

Control Video Game Costs Just Like You Do The Characters!

Can You Save Your Bank Account Like You Save The Day In Your Video Games?
Can You Save Your Bank Account Like You Save The Day In Your Video Games? | Source

Video Games Are Extremely Popular And Expensive!

Video Games have become a pervasive cultural phenomenon. Many young males between the ages of 16-30 could be considered video game addicts and young women are spending a lot more of their time on this form of entertainment as well. Video games now rival movies, books, and television programming when it comes to the time and money that consumers are spending. In fact the video game world has been a multi-billion dollar industry for a long time now. Since many of the game franchises such as Halo, Tekken, Final Fantasy, and John Madden’s Football (just to name a few) are literally coveted by gamers, the developers of these games can usually pocket a nice margin. Though many gamers are more than willing to fork over the money for the latest hot title that just got released, they may want to consider the useful information I’m about to share.

Enter - The Video Game Website That Facilitates Shared Purchases For New Video Game Titles a website created by LynxSquare is offering a creative solution to provide video game consumers with much better prices. The innovative website provides gamers with a peer-to-peer or consumer-to-consumer online marketplace for people looking to buy and rent video games. Both renters (or “borrowers”, as Lynxs2Games labels them) and buyers will be able to enjoy discounted prices on their video games. This is how the video game savings is achieved. Every sale on the Lynx2Games website has both a borrower and a buyer. The borrower ends up paying 25% of the game’s total sale price in exchange for being able to keep and play the game for three weeks. After the three week period is up, the borrower will ship the game to the buyer who pays the remaining 75% of the price tag. So if you do the math a video game with a $50 price tag would cost the renter $12.50 and the buyer would pay $37.50. The best part is that both parties would save money in this arrangement. The “borrower” would only be paying around .60 cents a day (12.50 /21 days) to have the game for three weeks. Not bad considering Red Box charges $2 a day right now. Of course the buyer also saves, by getting a slightly used video game for 25% off of the retail price. This type of savings would definitely add up for the avid gamer.

The Ins And Outs Of Using Lynx2Games To Save Money On Video Games

So now that video game fans are aware of this great option to save money, how do they get started, figuring out the details of how it all works. Obviously in order to borrow or buy you will have to find a partner to go in on the transaction with you. Lynx2Games seems to have thought this process out in order to link customers up as easily as possible. One way to find some one to borrow or buy in your quest for that new video game you want is Lynx2Games, FriendsheetTM. This feature is were site users can invite their friends on Twitter and Facebook to collaborate or join in on a particular video game purchase. This option can help you to complete your transaction sooner, but Lynx2Games also offers a patent pending process that matches up borrowers and buyers who are interested in the same video game. So there you have it, let the video game savings begin!

Save Even More Money On Video Games When You Sell Them On Lynx2Games!

One last opportunity for video game savings that I will mention, is the option to sell your games back on the Lynx2Games site. They will keep 10% of the sale price, but you can keep the rest in order to help you with new video game purchases!

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