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Save Money Grocery Shopping, Simple Tips to Help Stretch Your Budget

Updated on April 16, 2013
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Yes, you can save money at the grocery store.
Yes, you can save money at the grocery store. | Source

Coupon Tips for the Beginner

Saving money has never been more important, what with the bad economy, raising food and fuel prices and high unemployment rates. Saving money at the grocery store doesn't mean that you'll be required to eating beans and rice or that college staple ramen noodles. Nope, this article and the super-helpful videos below are sure to present some simple tips to help you save money at the store, maximizing the bang for your buck at the register.

Before heading to the grocery store, make a plan to save money. That’s right, if you don’t plan you can’t save! Check out some of my own tried and true advice, as well as that of couponing professionals.

Getting Started Couponing

1. Check the sales circulars for prices. Don't go into battle without a plan. While one store has an item at an everyday “low” price, the other store may have it on sale this week, so do your homework for the best deal and know where you should spend your money for particular items. In your research you may find that some stores tend to have certain types of food at better prices than others.

2. Stock up on items when you can, recognizing that things often go on sale in a 6 week cycle, notes Jenny from the popular couponing website, I don't suggest going all "extreme couponer" on the grocery stores— in fact, due to that show many stores now have restrictions on quantities that customers can buy— it does mean that you can and should buy enough for your family.

3. Learn the lingo for couponing. For example, BOGO means “buy one get one” and peelies are the coupons located directly on the product packaging that peel off. For a list of common couponing terms visit (and scroll down to the "Coupon Language & Lingo" section). While you can coupon without knowing all the terms, knowing the proper words may help you not miss any deals.

4. Visit more than one grocery store while on your shopping errands; this concept makes even more sense if your stores are located near each other. Focus your shopping trips on stores that double coupons and those that give the biggest “bang” for your buck. Some stores may even triple coupons from time to time, so be sure to inquire frequently about promotions.

5. Organize your stockpiles and supplies so you know what you have and don't buy what you don't need.

6. Combine sales and coupons for the best savings possible; most retailers allow consumers to couple BOGO sales with two coupons (one for each product), which can make some products practically free. For example, if Hunts tomatoes (which regularly sell for $1.29 a can) are on BOGO sale and you have two 30 cent off coupons you'll only pay 9 cents for two cans of tomatoes at a store that doubles coupons).

For more information on couponing, check out the videos from Jenny at

Effective Couponing


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