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Saving on Gas

Updated on September 11, 2015

It may sound like something your mother and father have told you a hundred times, if you take care of your car, your car will take care of you. This saying still holds true even today. When you take certain precautions your car and gas will last a whole lot longer. Here are a few key things you can do to get the most out of your gas mileage.


Gas Saving Tips

- Keep the engine and inner workings of the car in good condition. That means having regular check-ups, tune-ups and oil changes. Letting time pass by in between maintenances will rob you of performance. It’s best to take your vehicle to an ASE certified shop. They have equipment that can quickly assess any problems that may arise.

- This one may sound like common sense, but it is important to drive your car carefully. When you gun the gas pedal, you waste more gas. It’s better to accelerate slow and maintain a steady pace. When you are in a traffic situation, anticipate what may happen and plan ahead. If you maintain a relative speed, you’ll use less gas than trying to maneuver through the cars to get ahead. Same goes for speeding. Constantly accelerating/speeding uses more gas.

- Try not to let your car idle for too long. You’re using gas without going anywhere. If you anticipate a long wait, shut the car off. You’ll save gas and keep the car in working condition much longer.

- Remove any excess weight from the car when it’s not necessary. When the car is heavier, more gas is expended to compensate. In other words, keep only the essential items in the car and store the rest at home.

- Plan out any errands you need to do for the day. Keep the trip streamlined and avoid unnecessary side trips. Also it’s good to plan the errands when traffic is light. Having to constantly stop-and-go uses more gas.

- It may sound silly and obvious, keep your windows up on highways and freeways. This will reduce air drag and increase gas mileage, even when you have the air conditioning running while driving. It’s recommended to turn the air conditioning off when in stop-and-go traffic to save fuel.

- Lastly, keep an eye on your tires. When your tires are under inflated or misaligned, the vehicle has to work harder to compensate. Occasionally check the tire tread. If you notice any uneven wear, it’s a sign of misalignment. Take the vehicle to a tire shop or trusted auto shop to get the wheels aligned correctly.

Save On Gas!!


Most of these suggestions sound like common sense and for the most part they are. When you keep your vehicle in good condition, it will work longer and better for you overall. By following these few tips, you should notice a change in your gas mileage within a few days. If you don’t, it may be a sign that something is wrong with the car. Which is all the more reason to stop by the local auto shop to get a check up. (The first tip on the list!)

Favorite Gas Station

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Gas Buddy

Another great tip! Save money by downloading the Gasbuddy ap to find the cheapest gas nearby!


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